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  1. Thank you all for stopping in to take a look. I appreciate the kind words! Bill, I thought about this, but it would go against my MO of straight from the box. Maybe at a later date, but for now this is all she wrote.
  2. Well folks, here it is. I got the finishing touches applied the 'ol Binder over the weekend. I present to you my entry for the 2021 Big Rig Build Off, the International Transtar F-4270 just as Ertl imagined it. Out of the box (actually several to get a complete truck). Thanks to the generosity and encouragement of the forum, I was able to piece together a complete truck using several incomplete kits I've acquired over the last couple years. The only exceptions to my self imposed rule of all kit-correct parts was a grille from a new issue 4300 because I wanted it perfect, as well as the glass f
  3. I inadvertently missed a June update, because frankly there isn't one. I do however, have an update for early July and I'm happy to report I'm ready for final assembly. I got some clear laid down on the cab and hood to gloss up the decals. Once that cures for a bit I'll give it a quick polish, but credit to my first time with Tamiya clear, it's already pretty good. Just a couple flecks of dirt that need taken care of, and I should be ready to stick a fork in this.
  4. Just a quick update to satisfy the rules of BRBO and have an update for May. Not a whole lot to report as progress has stalled slightly. I ended up buying a second decal set to make the stripes more opaque and got those applied. I'm still not satisfied with them as they have a very noticeable matte finish and I think I will have to break down and apply clear. The weather has been so hit and miss that the days I have time to work the weather is BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH, and days the weather is nice I'm usually doing outdoor stuff. The other hold up is I unknowingly jumped the gun and did a bunch of
  5. What a great survivor. I contemplated a brown paintjob for this, and had I used the original cab and hood I would have as the original builder painted it brown. But, since there are no parts of this truck in the current build I went with blue. When I rebuild the original truck I intended to, I'm going to spray it some shade of brown as a nod to its original builder.
  6. I did have to adjust the axle to move it forward some. I just opened up the holes in the stock leaf springs and shaved the locating tabs a bit to get it forward. the width appears to be fine, so I wonder if the Alcoa wheels in the 4300 vs the Dayton spokes in the 4270 make the difference. As for your decals, Colored stripes installed on white in general never seems to be an issue. So you may be able to get away with only one application. That's just my two cents though. I too noticed some layer misalignment on the other decals on the sheet. Probably not super noticble with the white st
  7. I was debating holding off revealing the color I chose, but in good conscience I couldn't. The reaction from the gang here has been far too positive to keep it from you folks, so its time to unveil the paint for the F-4270. Tamiya TS-15 Blue, rubbed out with Meguiar's Compound, followed up with Meguiar's Polish. Stripes are decals courtesy of Modeltruckin'. I have mixed feelings about them, which we'll get to in a moment. As I mentioned, I'm having mixed feelings about the decals. As far as quality goes, they're excellent. Thin enough to do most of the conforming on their own wi
  8. Entirely possible, but they may not have a licensing agreement for those specific items. Hard or say if their agreement with Navistar is all encompassing or on a per kit basis, so maybe that's why. Or maybe in the years since the hobby show that's changed. Maybe they're waiting to see how the upcoming 4070A does (even though we all know they'll do well) to pump out more International trucks.
  9. Just a quick update for today. Not a lot of progress to report, but as usual, the last 5% takes the most time. The chassis is up on its wheels, and most of its accessories are on. Fuel tanks are painted up to look like raw, unpolished aluminum with gloss black straps. My research showed that this is how aluminum tanks from International were finished as standard. I debated painting them black to look like steel, which were chassis color by default. Again, I've been sticking to the plan that various brands, sheens and shades of the same colors will bring out the details. I also have the cab and
  10. Back again with what seems to be a weekly Monday update, not that I'm complaining. I got to make a little progress Friday and yesterday. I attended the wedding of two very good friends of mine Saturday, so that was a worthwhile interruption. The grille had some odd discoloration, and a run in the original chrome. I cleaned it up and foiled it with some aluminum BMF, which I feel more represents the anodized grille on the real trucks. My work on the other hand, I'm unsure of. Might peel this off and redo it if I decide I can't live with it. I've polished BMF before, so I might do that and
  11. Well, full Mission Creep has set into the Transtar build. After some talks back and forth with Jeff, aka gotnitro (thanks again buddy!), to acquire some parts from a partial 4270 he had, we ended up making a deal for me to acquire the whole shebang. So now that I am retaining zero parts from the original truck I started with, is it really a rebuild? It's a classic case of Houdini's Wand. So as of now, this is a fresh build using parts of 2 or 3 partial kits to make one entire 4270, exactly the way Ertl originally intended it to be. The idea is remaining the same, fathful to what's in the box.
  12. I spent some time late on Sunday doing a little more work to my 4270, but am just getting around to getting these photos up. I'm currently working second shift, 4 10s because of how my employer has chosen to handle things during these strange times. So the only time I really have to work is weekend evenings, which I'm pretty ok with. I cut up the cab that was missing the lower front corners and had the extraneous screw holes in it. I deemed it easier to cut this one up to make something out of the glue-infested one. I cut the doors out for practice, as well as providing potential future p
  13. Better late than never I suppose, here's my entry into the BRBO 2021. Over the last couple years, I've accumulated an Ertl Transtar F-4270 built up, and the parts of several other built ups, some fresh kit parts and pieces, and two boxes. I've got one chassis, three cabs, three hoods, and multiples of almost everything in between. The only thing I don't have is a pristine front bumper. I have a couple of 4300s to rob parts from if I have to (Thank you, Ollie's) but I'd really prefer to keep this one all 4270 DNA. If anyone out there has a bumper they'd be willing to work out a deal for, please
  14. Sorry, I can't recall too much cause it's been some time since I saw it. But, a quick image search on google turned up some images from when the truck was sold at Mecum Kissimmee in 2010 (no wonder I can't remember what the rear looks like!) but it also reminded me that the real truck had been repowered with a Big Block Chevy and likely matching automatic transmission.
  15. I've seen Port Vue's Reo several times over the years on parade duty. Sharp rig. They also have an open cab Mack R model, which is the only one I've ever seen. Excellent work on your replica too.
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