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  1. Nice. Does the kit only come with the blue stripes around the bottom? Or are there other colors? Pics?
  2. Same here, except for maybe the Hot Wheels Camaro. Thats kinda cool. Truck and spaceship builders must be in seventh heaven the past few months. And I am just not getting Round2. I am sure they know much better than I do. But I would think there are sooo many kits from the 70s and 80s (annuals, funny cars, street rods, etc) that builders are nostalgic about. Still waiting for a mid 70s or 80-81 Camaro.
  3. Whoa. Isn`t that like a 30% increase? Crazy times we are in.
  4. I am still struggling with that front clip, which just looks to bulky under the headlights, and the headlights look just a little shallow. Thats just to my eyes. That said, I remember seeing your build years ago Can-Con, and it is FANTASTIC and inspiring. Great color and great wheels! Is that the kit decals? What tires and outer rim did you use?
  5. Interesting. I see that that kit has a choice of three color decals, like the `79 kit. And I assume, like the `79 kit, the decals are the only reason to buy this kit, as the proportions (particularly the front end) look unconvincing?
  6. I`ll 3rd that! And a Camaro! Try building any of the middle years, or an `80/`81 Camaro these days. Even the `79 kit is starting to get hard to come by, something I thought would NEVER happen. Also, I would be interested what you guys think of this one compared to the old `78 kit.
  7. * 2015 or newer Charger (like seriously??!!) * Firehawk!!!!!!!!!!!! Any year. Lindbergh’s 1/20 kit doesn’t count. * 96-97 Trans Am Ram Air * 98+ Trans am (not Ram Air) * 98+ Trans am variants - 30th Anniversary white with blue stripes and blue wheels, Yellow Collector Edition *SRT Challenger, other Challenger variants * 84 Trans am (the lower trim was unique that year)
  8. Thanks guys. Does anyone happen to have the gold/brown one? Thanks.
  9. Thanks guys! Greg, here is the tire I am working with. It appears to be real rubber from an RC car. It is 1/16 scale. I used it in my `81 Trans Am build. I made a mold and cast a few tires myself, but I had to make a bunch to get 4 good ones and I ended up destroying the mold afterwards.
  10. I am at my end. I am really having trouble with making copies of a tire. I just do not have the equipment (or time) to get them right. I have a master tire that I would be willing to provide if someone else could make the mold and copies. Do you guys have any suggestions for anybody that would do something like this? Thanks.
  11. Very cool ideas. I remember seeing those MPC kits on the shelves, and remember collecting the "golden wheels." The only thing I would add: I could do without any MPC Fieros. 🤮 I like the 3rd gen Firebirds, but they desperately need new wheels. The 3rd gen Camaros are pretty good, IIRC. I would LOVE to see the TurboZ or SuperZ rereleased. If you want to build an `80 or `81 Z28, your options are super limited, and those look great when built up.
  12. This is what surprises me about them considering to make the C9 front engine again. The new one is selling like crazy. I thought, with what must have been a HUGE investment to make it rear engine, that there was no going back. In other news, I wish we would see more from Revell. I am here looking at second gen and third gen Camaro/Firebird kits, and they are going at a premium. Even the `79 Camaro kit, which has been reissued a million times, is going for too much than I want to pay. Would be nice to see them re-release some of the existing kits at least.
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