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  1. I think, that the dasboard is too hight, too, it reduce the windshield....
  2. love the interior effects !!!
  3. nice work, 👍 the punching ball seem a bit too flat for me
  4. nicework! I just wonder why the lower roll cage is not the same collor as the upper?
  5. I don't agree with you, the 5 is a variation of the AMC pacer... the 16 as a sort of 64 barracuda grill shape, and should make a great lowrider..
  6. Great project for a great car !
  7. for me I am waiting for the 30 coupe for so long (because it never come to europe!) and for a realease of the "Rat roaster" even with variation. I dream of a correct reissue of the 33/34 Monogram roadster
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