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  1. If you're set on using the holes in the body, I'd suggest turning the hinge to the outside behind the c pillar . It will be tedious work to get a flat surface to mount your hinge to , but it's doable .
  2. Wow , all of those are nice ! 😎
  3. Thanks Dave , we really appreciate the work you guys put in to keep this forum on top .
  4. oldnslow

    34 Ford Coupe

    Nice ,love the old modifieds .
  5. Now that's different . Love it .
  6. Nice job Bob , love the old box art builds .
  7. Spent the day in the ER with my wife , nausea , alternating chills and sweats , body aches , diarrhea and weak from not eating . Called our GP and they say don't bring in to the office , she might have Covid , take her to the ER . Got there at 11 , we're low priority and they were busy , finally got admitted at 2 . After all the tests and waiting , find out she has a cold , Covid negative . Home at 5:30 and she has an appetite for the first time in a week . Glad for the results , not so much the journey .
  8. Harbor Freight has several packs of small bits , they vary in size. Sizes down to a hair on a 1/8" mandrel . .
  9. Nice , Jim . But then all of yours are that way .
  10. The proverbial "needle" . Good job . 😀
  11. "d a m n..." doesn't even begin to cover it . 😎
  12. Received mine on Monday , along with Model Railroader and Fine Scale , just need my Narrow Gauge Gazette to show up and I'll have all of my model magazines for the month . 😎
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