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  1. The swastika ban has been law in Germany since the 40's. If anything the trend lately has been relaxing on it (see the recent Wolfenstein video game decision)   If your products move though Germany in any way they cannot have swastikas in any form, they will be seized at customs.  Seen it happen.  It's law and it's been law for a long time, it doesn't have anything to do with being "PC".  As I said, the trend appears to be relaxing towards allowing them in a historical context.  

  2. Plastics will eventually all become bio-degradable as there will be bacteria that will evolve that eat them.  There are now iron-eating bacteria that didn't exist when the age of iron ships began and are now eating away at iron shipwrecks. See the accelerating rate that the Titanic is disappearing.  It may take hundreds of years or it may take thousands or it may take millions but it will eventually happen.  Whether or not we're still here is a different question.  

    #6 Styrene is the one that can be recycled, #7 is the tough or next to impossible one, can't remember exactly which formula model kits are made from.  Even the easily recycled versions of styrene cost more to recycle than to start fresh which is why it's rarely done.   

    I seriously doubt any of it will ever affect model kit production as they are not considered disposable items.  

  3. 28 minutes ago, Snake45 said:

    I've heard this many times, but I don't believe I've ever seen any pictures of such. 

    The overwhelming majority of plastic in the ocean garbage patches are broken apart to millimeters in size from friction and sun weathering. You will not see this plastic from a boat, much less from space as it's essentially a transparent density. The pictures you often see in articles about the ocean patch are generally from shore debris which can easily get that dense if near a large population center. Out in the ocean, things are different.

    88% were less than 10 mm in largest dimension, and most had characteristics suggesting physical deterioration such as brittleness, rough edges, or cracks. It is likely that plastic pieces ultimately become small enough to pass through the 335-μm mesh net used in this study - (Law, et al.)

    The plastic from say a milk jug is still there, but now in smaller bits. In the North Pacific central gyre, there is about 5 kg of plastic for every square kilometer of open ocean, this was measured to be six times more plastic by mass than plankton in the same region. The plastic can stick around for awhile because of the ocean's currents.

    The dominant clockwise gyral currents also serve as a retention mechanism that inhibits plastics from moving toward mainland coasts. A recent surface current modeling study simulated that most of the particles from our sampling area should be retained there for at least 12 years - (Moore, et al.)

  4. The short answer

    4 hours ago, HotRodaSaurus said:

    Has this yet caused a rise in the cost of plastic components, will toys and such eventually be made from other materials as well as recycled plastics  and will the prices of our beloved models rise beyond the everyday model builders pocket?

    The short answer: No.  


  5. 14 hours ago, mikemodeler said:

    Now that Revell is owned by a German company, I am surprised no one mentioned having a US based product team. I agree with Justin's above comments on "connecting" with modelers in new ways and also segmenting their product catalog and offering.

    There is no US product team.  Revell US is one person now.  That's it.  And he had to fight like hell to convince them to keep any US operations at all.  


  6. These are out now, by the way.  The first two, anyway, the lift's not out yet.   They're new tooling but they do have a very old-school feel to them.  I'd never seen the Aurora sets in the flesh before it makes sense if they used them for inspiration.  

  7. A Supernatural 4-door 67 would be a hot seller, we sell tons of the 2-door AMT kits just because it's a 67.  The F&F Charger has done really well, as have most of the F&F kits since Revell took over the line.  I don't remember the AMT/Ertl ones doing so hot the first time.  Cars with a movie or TV tie-in can do OK, it just depends on the tie-in.   

    13 minutes ago, Justin Porter said:

    but old kits lurking in new boxes have done immeasurable damage to the automotive side of the hobby. 

    Which is why Round 2 has started taking the Lindberg name off the 90's Lindberg stuff and made it AMT, to differentiate it from the old 60's stuff. 

  8. 1/8 Airbrush fitting are typically 1/8 BSP (British Standard Pipe) which has a slight taper.  1/8 NPT (Nominal Pipe Thread) is common in the US but NPT is straight. Will work with some Teflon tape but would be better with an actual 1/8 BSP to 1/4 NPT fitting.   Note these are nominal sizes, they're not really 1/4" or 1/8" although we often call them that.  

  9. Ok, I admit I only read the first page of just skimmed the other 4.  

    I see a lot of "these kids today don't want to use their hands".  Not true, not true at all.  Kids today build models.  A lot.  They're just not building car models.  They build Gundam robots.  They're building tanks they play in World of Tanks.  They're building Warhammer and stuff for other tabletop games like Bolt Action and Flames of War.    They cut plastic parts off sprues and stick them together and put paint on them just like we do.  Just not cars.  Quit slagging off "the kids today".   

  10. 1 hour ago, Tom Geiger said:

    Nick Sandone has his in hand and was posting pictures of the open kit on FaceBook...

    I was told that the "new" Revell was shipping to their largest distributors ( Stephens/Megahobby) but neglecting their smaller direct ship customers.  Is there any truth to this or are they shipping these out to all customers?                                

    We got them via tractor trailer (8 pallets total between the two).  Smaller customers would be getting them via FedEx/UPS I imagine and they're a bit busy this time of year.  

  11. 15 hours ago, michaelbaskett said:

    Hi Brett....

    I went on to order these kits,  two of each, but, I can't justify the shipping to Canada....$61.00 just for shipping is just a bit much....

    Maybe they will run a "FREE SHIPPING TO CANADA" sale after Christmas....

    Yeah, I can't find a happy medium where our shipping software doesn't either ream us or ream the customer when combining several items on international shipping. Sorry.  Just one of the limitations of the particular site hosting we use.   If we change the settings one way it undercharges, we go the other and it overcharges.    I know Scott and Elm City from my days in wholesale,  good guy and a good company.  

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