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  1. VW93 and I just completed a great trade! Will trade with him again without hesitation!
  2. I would leave the weathering alone- if you handle your model carefully, and it's in a diorama case, it shouldn't be disturbed. But don't dust it- you already have!😁
  3. Finally got to Hobby Lobby (an hour's drive away) to see if they had any Testor's products- and to my surprise they had quite a good selection (at least this store)! Stocked up on bottle clear in the large bottle (it looks thinner than my last bottle which dried up- use it for attaching gauge faces, glass, and small parts), a number of 1/4 oz bottles, spray gloss and flat, blazing black, color shift in blue, "diamond dust" (looks like silver on the cap), also a bottle of craft paint in deep blue, brush cleaner, as well as a 1mm Molotow pen. Was hoping to find 1/8th inch brass or aluminum chann
  4. I would send that photo to Revell and request a replacement for every tree like that. It's awful!
  5. For me, that would qualify as a senior moment!😁
  6. If you have to move, the biggest no no is to let the movers pack your models. They just don't get how fragile they are.
  7. That is some of the most convincing weathering I have ever seen! Great visual story in a small space.
  8. Olds Aerotech can be built long tail or short tail. Extra short tail pieces included. Could also be a great start for a fifties style salt flats streamliner. Swap for 39/40 Ford tudor sedan.
  9. Roy, mine is an Ertl Collectibles 1/25th scale model. The wheels look completely different from your picture. Behind the brake plate you can just see a disc which I suspect is part of the securing mechanism. Very difficult to get at without gouging the brake plate or breaking the axle. Possibly I could get a thin blade between them and cut the axle, then glue them back together (not a fan of rolling wheels).
  10. Roy, thanks for the info, but not sure what stem you are referring to. Could you send a pic or sketch? Removing the wheels and tires would make painting and weathering a lot easier!
  11. Can't spare paint or supplies? How about a 39/40 Ford tudor sedan or a Revell promodeler 40 Ford convertible?
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