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  1. Got a Willys body, chassis and interior in a swap with Michelle- Now I just need the tilt front end for another (like I need one) project!
  2. Here’s a tip- swap out the AMT wheels and tires for the Revell ones- proper wheel diameter and better tires.
  3. Scott, since I voted for the Renwal Pierce Arrow, I am curious- are you thinking of a box stock restoration or something a bit more ambitious? One thing about the revival tires- they are really narrow and the model would benefit from a swap out to wider tires. Don’t know if the side mount wells would need altering or not. This model scales out to Bugatti Royale dimensions in 1/25th scale, and would probably weigh the same!
  4. They need to build them this nice in 1 to 1!
  5. Will you be restoring the windshield divider or leaving it off? Personally the v windshield looks really right on these. This is looking really tasty!
  6. I have been going through the archives and when I find a particularly outstanding build I have been pulling it to the present, because a great model and great scratch building are ageless.
  7. Bill, we have met once or twice at the NNL East show. Before a job change and relocation I was a member of the Keystone Miniatures Model Club. I currently live with my wife in south central Indiana, semi retired, and work part time as a grocery stocker for the local Kroger. I don’t know if you could set up a skype or similar hookup, but I would love to sit in if that would be possible. Unfortunately my work schedule is very irregular so sitting in would be spotty at best. Good luck with the new club! Paul
  8. Didn’t spot the lava plow, but wouldn’t the molten lava have an adverse on the tires (unless the heat makes them sticky for more traction)?😉 Very imaginative build!
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