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  1. Hemi Charger, a great car. A word about the Hemi wires. Look at some good reference sources like Allpar and look at pics of street Hemis. You see that street Hemi wires have an L shaped wire boot so the wires never come straight out. Save that for next project. Gary
  2. I never got it that bad from an Exacto, but I got myself good with a utility knife. It was a doosy of a cut and took four stitches in my "Gold Finger", as I call it. Since 2004 it has had $5500 in repairs done to it, none do to a hobby related injury. Gary
  3. Ask people who might have what you want to send you a private message. That's a way to give info without it going out wholesale on the board for every eyeball to wander over. I've contacted several members of this forum that way, and made some good trades and 1 sale, but we won't talk about that. Gary Balad, Iraq
  4. Is there a model club of any kind at JSB Balad, Iraq? I'm going there for a year and would like to know if there is a model club on base. I was in a club in VA and really enjoyed it. Anybody know anything, even 2 or 3 year old info? Gary
  5. Empty nest since 1996. I enjoy it without guilt. My tools are not scattered on the garage floor, or in the grass when I mow. Only my wife asks for money, and she makes most of it, my models are undisturbed, there is an extra room for an office/model room. Don't get me wrong, I love my sons, I'm just glad they're on their own. No grandkids or daughter-in-laws either. Gary
  6. I see the model clubs section has gone the way of the Dodo bird so I'll ask here. I'm going to Joint Services Base Balad in Iraq. I was wondering if there are modelers there? I'm into cars, but also airplanes. With 20k people there, surely there are some modelers. Gary
  7. Lace definately hit its peak in the early 70s. The lace on the van above is as overblown as the wheels and tires but way out of scale. As with so many fads, it soon passed. Gary
  8. I have one each of the LN7/EXP kits in 1/32 scale. neither one has removeable roof panels as this car does. I have the LN7 nearly complete but haven't worked on it in awhile. they're fair kits but seem to be Monogram, though it never says that anywhere except MM on the chassis. Gary
  9. O.K. the Ford boys get yesterday & today, the Buick guys get tomorrow, and everybody bigger is out of luck until 5/02 when the Chevies celebtrate again & 5/28 when Hemi guys can again boast about their factory crate engine. gary
  10. BigGary


    It does my heart good to see the old Beetle. I've had 13 1:1 air cooled VWs. This one almost looks real except for the missing lugnuts. My last one also had the stinger exhaust. I've got the burn scars on my shins to prove it. Gary
  11. Just in case you have forgotten, the alcohol is for thinning acrylics, removing paint, removing adhesive, etc., so unless tour made of acrylics and dieting, its not for consumption. Gary
  12. This kind of brings to mind the fact that some really intelligent people can't program a VCR. Two possibilities exist if a PhD. in Engineering tries to do a model. 1) He won't understand the instruction, or 2)He'll try to "improve" the kit, and really screw it up. Gary
  13. I just put "Tenax 7R" into my search engine and found it is still available from Tower Hobbies and several other hobby related sites. Don't give up yet. It is one of my favorite glues.
  14. Maybe the Mustang driver was more interested in steering than accelerating. Same with the Durango. As for the VW commercial, VW had one in the mid-60s that showed a VW going through the snow, and it said, "How does the snowplow driver get to the snowplow?" It shows the VW stop, the driver gets out, and the snowplow drives away. VW hasn't had great commericals like that in a long time. Gary P.S. Here in N. Texas, the TX DPS drive CVs and the Sheriff's Dept. drives Chargers. Local PD has CVs.
  15. Here's a link to a website that has brochures for American cars from the early 1900s. It includes manufactures brochures as well as brochures from companies that had cars in them like Goodyear, Hertz, & Avis. Check it out! Gary http://www.lov2xlr8.no/broch1.html
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