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  1. Was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the whitewall decal application to the tires? I am interested in applying the whitewall decals to the tires but a little gun shy. On Nascar kits I spray the tire with semi gloss black, apply the the white letter decals then spray Testors Dullcote on them. That seems to work on them but they are a solid tire. The kit tires on the 29 Ford are hollow and not sure when they flex trying to get the wheel pushed in the tire. Is there a secret to applying them or just apply the decal over the tire as is with decal solution to get it to adhere? I'm just
  2. I was just wondering if there was anything out there. One thing I was thinking about would be the supercharged engine.
  3. That looks great. That is my favorite color scheme on these trucks.
  4. Great looking truck. I have yet to get one of these 60's. Need to get one soon.
  5. No I didn't get any. I had my 8 yr soon to be 9 yr old son with me. He got his model rocket engines and he was ready to go, kinda rushed me out the door. Next time I'm there I will be sure to get some pics.
  6. Thanks for the comments. I took this model to my local hobby shop I go and showed him. He asked if he could display it for awhile? He really liked. I never had anything happen like that before. So it is currently on display in the hobby shop.
  7. Was wondering if anybody made any resin parts for the Amt 1/16 Thunderbird?
  8. Tha ks for the comments. I really like this build. One of my best I think.
  9. Completed pictures posted in Under Glass now. Thanks everyone that has commented thus far.
  10. Just completed my Foose 1956 FD100 pickuo. I sanded the Foose lettering off the tailgate. Placed an order from Scalefiniahes for some House of Kolor Tangelo Laqcuer. Cleared with Tamiya Clear. Handpainted the bed floor for a wood look. Interior and engine is Radome Tan. Orange plug wire from detail box.
  11. Looks promising. I will be following your build. I love these trucks. Wish somebody would bring a kit out of the Power Wagon.
  12. Got it finished last night. Outdoor pictures coming in the Under Section later today.
  13. Got the interior completed. Really not much to this kit. Testors Randome Tan with Clear Bark embossing powder for carpeting.
  14. Got some touch up to do but more progress today. Got the engine painted and mounted. Took a little page out of Dave Kindig's book and painted the engine to match the interior. Looking for something different, kinda like it. Had some Orange plug wire in my stash and had just enough.
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