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  1. Finished decaling this evening finally. Not 100% with MY decal job but it don't look too bad. Some of the small associate sponsors low I'm not sure about but it will do. The hood decal could have been slid down a little as well. The passenger side 7 could have been slid back a little to allow more room for the fender sponsors.
  2. Looks great. I have that kit been thinking about getting it out but more so now. Thanks for sharing it.
  3. Continuing my Championship builds, I thought I'd get out Alan's Hooter Underbird to build. Started with a Valvoline Thunderbird kit, worked on the nose seem, sanded down the bumper returns on the quarter panels, filled the recess body line thru the doors since pictures I've found showed those items were not there. Testors Classic White Laqcuer and Tamiya TS-12 Orange, coat of Tamiya Clear. Glued the chassis together and just used Tamiya Gray Primer with a coat of Tamiya Semi Gloss clear. Powerslide tire decals, Testors Dullcoat on tires.
  4. Thought while the weather was nice here in Maryland that I would get my Jimmy out to paint. Testors Model Master Citrus Yellow Metallic lacquer. Not sure about interior or cap color yet, thinking about a dark green. Had to laugh when my 8 yr old son sees the model kit in the hobby shop and said "Hey why does that model have my name on it?" After that I had to buy it.
  5. Dug this out of my stash. Revell 1967 Nickey Camaro. I went searching for reference and found a color I liked. I pulled Scale Finishes website and ordered up a bottle of Emerald Turquoise enamel. Primed with Tamiya White Primer, airbrushed and then cleared. Just polished the paint up alittle bit. Interior will be the same color, only I primed with Tamiya Grey Primer to see if it would change the color ever so slightly.
  6. Here's a couple I've built. Ronnie Sox 64 Comet
  7. Thanks for the comments. Since this whole "pandemic" started, I have been able to complete 19 models.
  8. Thanks for the comments. It will look great next to my Red 1955 Chrysler 300.
  9. Not yet. Lost some interest in it right now but, it's just off to the side of my desk. Can pull it back on the desk at anytime when the right mood strikes. Just got in a mood to try and finish up some others I've had painted for a few years before anything happened to them.
  10. Nope no fitment issues
  11. Just completed my 1956 Chrysler 300B. Great kit. This is my first 56 but I have built 2 of the 1955 versions. This one is Tamiya Black. Testors Desert Tan and Black on the interior. Love the look of wide whites , wire wheels and the black paint
  12. Now posted in the Under Glass Section AMT 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air - Model Cars - Model Cars Magazine Forum
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