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  1. Welcome to the club! Mine was never correct either.
  2. Yesterday I got two of the re-done AMT '64 Cutlass convertibles, the Grumpy Jenkins Vega, and the AMT VW GTI Mk.1 from LHS along with the Revell '70 Trans-Am and some of the close out Testor paint from Hobby Lobby.
  3. You're fortunate to be able to install the chassis into the body with the front valance fitted on the body. I have the curbside version of the GTS and it can't be done that way as the chassis is molded completely differently and can't be installed after the valance panel is attached to the body. So you end up with a seam where the parts meet.
  4. Perhaps because it's a stock only version of the kit? Or do you not realize it's a vintage 1962 mold?
  5. My interests are diverse- Race cars, rally cars, street machines, hot rods, trucks, domestic and foreign stock. I seem to be going more for box stock lately in just trying to complete some of my kit stash.
  6. From what I've read the changes seem to make the new cars very similar to an Australian V8 Supercar.
  7. The body looks a lot better than the Polar Lights abomination.
  8. I bought the Ford LN snow plow/ dump truck kit at Hobby Lobby last Saturday, some flesh tone paint and a copy of issue #208 of our favorite magazine.
  9. The only model I ever tossed was a Big Deuce. It had fallen apart and I figured I'd never rebuild it. Lesson learned. My mother, however, had tossed out a large stash of my early leftover kit parts and some of my early builds( with which we used to play Demo Derby) when I was still young. Never did forgive her for that.
  10. For what age? For a youngster, a simple snap kit will do. You can detail paint as desired and have a surprisingly good looking model. For someone a bit older, one of the simpler Tamiya kits( usually these are re releases of kits from the 80s) is great starter. There aren't too may parts and the parts fit well.
  11. Decaling some competition cars, hands down. Don't think so? Try a 1999 Peugeot 206 WRC with the large sectional lion decal. It still gives me the shivers when I think about it.
  12. ZTony8

    Porsche 959

    No need to be nervous about the kit. The most involved thing is puttying the spoiler to the deck lid and sanding it's inner seam. And be sure the inner details as are you want them because once the body is mated to the chassis it's not coming off!
  13. That Wildcat show car has been different colors through it's existence, That blue in those early photos, then gold( which is what was when I got to sit in it when I was about 7 years old and it was on display at the Buick dealership where my Dad was service manager) and now it's red.
  14. HOOORAY!!!!!!!!! Finally another edition of our car modelling magazine without military stuff or monster figures to pollute the pages,
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