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  1. Hello I'm Romell I've built a few models on this forum and I had to depart for a while for personal reasons. But I've decided I'd share what I've been working on. I'm posting pics of where the build stands as of today and I'll be posting build pics to get you caught up as well. Aside from a few 3d printed parts almost everything else was crafted from brass. If youd like to see some of my other builds I believe there's links in my signature. Anyway I hope you enjoy...
  2. thx for the help fellas . I believe i can handle the task at hand.
  3. Hey fellas been a while since ive been active. Im gettin back to my camaro promod and i have a question. I purchased the TDR 68 camaro body about 4 years ago ( long time ) anyway heres my question : is there a process used to get the body smooth and ready for paint? ...... looking forward to your replys.
  4. One becomes a master with time .... its said it take 20 years to master any given skill or ability. Your not a master if you can work resin or if you know how to scratch build a holley carb from soda bottle tops. A master is anyone who has worked there craft for 20 years. Constantly perfecting the things he has learned over time . The one characteristic prominent in most masters is improving on learned skills .
  5. This is some outstanding building glad i stopped to read it. Keep up the great work!
  6. Chris this is the first thing i do when i come back is go through your build,.... my God its such a work of art my friend. and a 1/2 million views Whew!!! lol good job bruh!
  7. This is very Nice Art excellent job so far im glad i looked in on this one keep up the good work!!
  8. Chris this build is way too AWESOME!! ive been gettin caught up and to see you still killin it is AMAZING!! keep up the good work lil bro...
  9. Good lookin builds , I remember building all three of those as a kid in the 70's... Excellent job keep up the good work
  10. Wow its been a long time since i finished this and I have to admit I just went back thru this to get myself motivated to get on my new project AND IT WORKED!! I also want to bump this back to the top for a couple of my new friends to see. Good to be back in the lab
  11. After goin through every page of this build all i can say is ...... Im a fan!!!
  12. Outstanding as usual my friend goo to see you can still amaze. Keep up the magic.
  13. excellent start on a project , i cant wait to see more keep up the good work.
  14. Outstanding work here Darryl Keep it up bro I love the brass work!
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