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  1. Can you show us what needs to be done? Barring that, if yours gets cast, sign me up for one or two. Charlie Larkin
  2. Scale Finishes can mix you a bottle. Or MCW. If you'd rather not go that route, I remember Jo-Han's Police Fury recommending plain old Testors gloss green. Perhaps that with literally a drop or two of black to one bottle, thinned for airbrushing, would be right? Charlie Larkin
  3. There is now one on Grafton St. in Worcester, where Building 19 was. Charlie Larkin
  4. I wonder if you could use the Post-It flags that you use to mark pages in a book for hinges? Interesting about the glue. Send a few of the old hinges to a lab for a fluoroscope exam to get a spectral breakdown of the glue? Charlie Larkin
  5. The new Revell spray colors had a color (flat light grey) that was about what I wanted for an interior, so I gave it a try. The paint can has a lot of pressure in it, and it gushes out. That's the down side. The upside is that because of the gushing, it covers very well, and out-gasses and thins out quickly. It dried pretty quickly 25-30 minutes), and in a nice, thin coat. Two coats, and I was done. I've also found the Humbrol spray lacquers are pretty nice, and you get a bit more for the money than you do with either the Tamiya or Revell paints. Charlie Larkin
  6. So, just to make sure I understand....one of the old U-Haul-esque trailers (or a re-creation), AND the engine for this next release? Yes, please. Charlie Larkin
  7. I don't even do rods, and if they included the figures (especially the red-head), I'd buy the kit simply for those. Bronco pickup is neat. Might go for one of those. And yes, I want a stock Henry J, too. If I could figure out how to build that one stock, I'd build it, even if it was a stock curbside. Charlie Larkin
  8. This is a good idea. I may try this next sink hole. Charlie Larkin
  9. AK Interactive and Vallejo both have chrome metallizer-type paints. I think I might be trying one of those. Charlie Larkin
  10. So, I have a couple of possible projects coming up, and in order to do them the way I'd like, I'll have to cut up the interior tubs from early-era kits that have seats and everything moulded into the tub. What have people found is the best way to cut off the door/rear panels, particularly at the back seat, where getting a razor saw, even one of the small ones in an Excel/X-Acto handle is going to be quite difficult, at best? What have you found is the best way to re-assemble things? I was thinking of gluing a small piece of L-channel along the ends and perhaps the bottom, clearances
  11. The hard work continues to pay off. Charlie Larkin
  12. None of the shops in my neck of the woods got 208, or if they did, they were gone before I had a chance to get there. Can I order a back issue? With a semi-regular job again, I'll have enough to subscribe, and will probably do so in July after my next pay cheque. Charlie Larkin
  13. Absolutely remarkable on all counts. You should seriously consider bringing this to the final GSL next year. Charlie Larkin
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