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  1. This is coming along. The engine is gorgeous. Charlie Larkin
  2. *Artist's rendition of actual car. I've always seriously wondered how Palmer managed to manufacture models so far off. I'll keep an eye open because I'm curious to see what happens to this. Charlie Larkin
  3. Interested to see what you do with this. I do like that color. Charlie Larkin
  4. Having seen a few of these built over the years, they're nice kits and look great. Removing the plating from the parts is....penny-pinching, at best. Charlie Larkin
  5. So more or less what I was thinking. File that redesign under "oops." Charlie Larkin
  6. I can't speak for others, but if I had a kit manufacturing company, I would insist on it. Saves money and hassles in the long run. Charlie Larkin
  7. A new trend is catching on in other parts of the plastics industry, and it's something the model manufacturers would be wise to adopt, too. Many manufacturers of different items are now 3-D printing the moulds themselves prior to picking up a piece of metal and putting it in the mill. The purpose of the 3-D printed mould is to test plastic flow, and also to inspect parts. The cost of doing this isn't cheap, but it's not particularly expensive, either, and the extra QA checks will help head off these kind of problems. Charlie Larkin
  8. As I understand it, the convertible has the Super Turbine 300 automatic. I would suggest removing the transmission from the engine and swapping it onto the V6 for maximum accuracy. Charlie Larkin
  9. The tire issue seems to be surfacing a lot with the AMT tires. Makes me wonder if the inner diameter on the newer tires was monkeyed with slightly. Charlie Larkin
  10. That did come out nicely. Charlie Larkin
  11. One never knows. Who would've thought they'd do one entire car, restore two other cars, and cut a reproduction with improvements tool of a now-ancient COE Cornbidner? I'd say Round 2 is full of surprises right now. Charlie Larkin
  12. I would say $25-35 would be a reasonable price. It is entirely possible it could be more. I haven't really looked at them on eBay, as I've had other priorities for OOP. I should see if I can salvage my '88 I bought when I was 12...in 1988. Charlie Larkin
  13. I wonder how tough it'll be to covert this to a 240 or 302-powered mainstreamer? I might still build it as a Boss 351, too. It's a nice-looking package. I'll probably build it in some sort of blue besides Grabber Blue. I assume the standard range of interior colors were available? If this succeeds, I would be very happy to see Revell (or R2) do a completely-correct Challenger (talk about overdue!) and a new Javelin or AMX (or both). I'm actually surprised the Javelin hasn't been done, it seems to be one of the most-requested kits, especially any time a Mustang/F-Body is mentioned as upcom
  14. A correct Visgta Cruiser, I hope. Otherwise, an F-85 Deluxe wagon would be cool. Charlie Larkin
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