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  1. It's a 362 from South Africa as far as I can see...maybe Australia built as it's right hand drive...but I don't know about the high top.
  2. Thanks, I kind of suspected that but I didn't know for sure. I have tried to find out what the different Thermo King models are called but I can't find much information on the "interweb" on the older units, I know one type is called Super Boss...but I don't know wich...it can be the model I'm looking for. And if you do a google search on Thermo King Super Boss you get a lot of pictures of Tyrone Malone's Super Boss truck as his main sponsor was Thermo King before Bandag...it's a cool truck but not exactly what I'm looking for.
  3. It looks nice Anthony. The only things that bugs me about this kit (and the Peterbilt 359 kit) are the shallowness of the rear wheels, the missing sun visors and the mounting of the rear mudflaps are too far back on the frame...otherwise it's a decent kit. cavespeedway - This kit is a Revell ex Monogram snap kit and this together with the Peterbilt 359 they also have are 1:25th scale.
  4. No that's another type of unit (I don't know what make and type it is) wich looks like this. And this is the one I'm after. As you see they are different units, thanks anyway. This type of Thermo King unit has also been done by Heller for their 3-axle Reefer trailer. The pictures are borrowed from this excellent website http://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/ and all credits goes to him.
  5. This looks to become a nice model Sean. Sox & Martin is my favourites and I have plans to build several of their cars sometime in the future, I have boult one tho' and it's the 71 'Cuda.
  6. Sean- I have plans to build these trucks myself so I have recently done the research on them...so you're welcome to it. I have some vague memories from the Movin' On series from when it was on TV over here in Sweden maybe a year or so after it was televised in USA, but that's a long time ago and I was very young then, maybe 11-12 or something like that. I built the AMT version later sometime in the late 70's, it has survived and I still have it in my collection The BJ And The Bear series hasn't been on TV here but I like the appearance of the truck so I'll build it anyway.
  7. 173 views and still no answer, so it must be as i suspected then...nothing available. That's okay, I'll have to rely on my scratchbuilding skills then and do my own, I have one Ertl Thermo King unit on a built trailer to take measures from.
  8. Yes that's correct...I don't know if the were flat black but they were indeed black, he also painted the fuel tank bright white on many of his race cars to reflect off heat so the fuel would be cooler and more dense, I don't know if he did that on this car though.
  9. Yes, the Chinese can do good things if they want to, it's just the matter of quality demands and pricing as you get what you pay for even in China.
  10. There are different versions and modified re-issues made of many kits by the different owners of the companys over the years and some of the tooling might not be in the model they were designed for originally as some kits share some tooling, and some has been altered beyond use, so it can be a hard task to find, sort everything out and see what's workable, so yes a complete tooling inventory must be essential to know what you have and where it is...and as Case says, they probably don't want to reviel that information publicly. Round 2 doesn't only have the AMT and MPC tooling, they also have
  11. The last new AMT tools were the 57 Chrysler 300C's, the 58 Plymouth Belvedere, the 58 Edsel Pacer, the 60 Ford Starliner Coupe's, the 62 Pontiac SD 421, the 62 Ford Thunderbird, the 66 Ford Fairlanes, the 67 Ford Mustang and Shelby, the 68-69 Plymouth Roadrunner-GTX and 70 Dodge Coronet, the 70½ Chevy Camaros, the 71 Plymouth Duster, all these kits were developed in the mid to late 90's before the RC2 era in the early 2000's and I have most certainly forgotten a few, but these are the ones I came to think of right now. After RC2 took over there weren't that many new kits made, a few new Cama
  12. You will never get the drive shaft to line up exactly in the middle of the frame with this rear axle setup with the reduction gearing over to the left side and not in the middle...and that is as it should be. So the drive shaft will go over slightly off center to the left side however you do...but the wheel base on this kit is so short so it looks to be more that usual. And if you check on a rear wheel drive car the drive shaft is slightly off to one side there too as the pinion is over to one side of the ring gear. and not exactly in the middle...so that's not uncommon. But other trucks ha
  13. The AMT W-925 tooling was altered to a T-600A in the 90's so it cannot be reissued in it's original state without some re-tooling...and it's not correct for the TV-series truck anyway but for the pilot called "In Tandem" it's fairly right. But Revell of Germany has a W-900 that's a better starting point for a Movin' On project as it's a VIT with the 60 inch sleeper as the TV-series truck was, you just need the correct decals from JBot or Modeltruckin' and a short hood from either a Revell snap W-900 Aerodyne or an old AMT W-925, it will fit on the RoG truck. Further you need a Cummins VT-903
  14. Yes, right before RC2 bought the AMT/Ertl company they did several very nice kits, some of them are the best they ever did, after that....nothing...and the people who designed and developed these nice kits was laid off or left by themselves. About the mentioned Torino Talladega: Polar Lights did a Richard Petty version the first time around so only the boxart are new...the decals might not be exactly the same but they're similar. But sure, I would also have wished that they did address the problem with the up-swept fenders...but there are lot of problems with this kit (and the Mercury
  15. With that type of rear axles the drive shaft can't line up in a straight line in the middle from the gearbox to the first axle in the tandem as the reduction gearing is towards the left side...so this should be correct.
  16. There is nothing new here, all manufacturers have been re-issuing older kits periodiclally since the very beginning and some kits have been issued over and over and over again, but they have also done new kits at the same time. The previous owner of AMT Racing Champions also known as RC2 Corporation wasn't into the model kit business that much, I think they just were after the licensing for their die-cast line when they bought the AMT/Ertl company...they laid off some of the people who knew anything about kit making and just did re-issues of old kits with little or no interest at all in what
  17. There are lots of other '53-'56 F-100 kits available. AMT has a '53 (wich is the same truck as in the Diamond In The Rough Combo kit) done in a couple of versions, MPC/AMT has a couple of versions of a '53 with tilt front and sometimes tilt bed in 1:25th scale, Monogram has a couple of versions of a '55 in 1:24th scale and Revell has a couple of versions of a '56 in 1:25th scale...you can also find the Monogram 1:24th scale kit under Revell lable So you can most likely find one quite cheap if you look around.
  18. The aftermarket "Olds Fiesta" hubcaps has that same pattern in the center, it's white though. But I don't know if anyone does that exact hubcap in scale, the closest you can get is the more stock looking Olds Fiesta hubcaps and The Modelhaus amongst many others has them.
  19. There are five main caps on a FE engine and both the late 406 and all 427 has cross bolts on number 2, 3 and 4 from late '62 onwards (406 with cross bolts are very rare though), so It should be three bolts on each side...most hi-perf engines from Ford also had threaded screw in freeze plugs...but these things are not that visible on a model so you can leave it off.
  20. Yes, and the BJ truck is basically the same truck as the Tyrone Malone transporter trucks without transporter body and Tyrone decals...and maybe a shorter frame. The BJ trucks are for sure expensive on ebay but it's quite easy to do one cheaper with a re-issued generic AMT KW K100 Aerodyne kit and aftermarket decals. The Ertl Convoy Rubber Duck kit is a regular Mack DM 600 with some added parts and decals to do the movie truck...sort of...and Model King re-.issued the DM 600 quite recently. But sure, the Convoy Rubber Duck kit first came out in 1978 (that's the issue I have) and was avai
  21. Except for the kits allready mentioned the MPC/AMT '69 Olds chassis also works under the '70 Jo-Han Olds 442. The AMT '68 Roadrunner/'69 GTX/'70 Coronet chassis works under the Jo-Han '69 Road Runner and '70 Superbird...and all other B and E-bodies in 1:25th scale with slight modifications. The Lindberg '64 Dodge and Plymouth chassis works under the Jo-Han '62-'63 Plymouths and Dodges if you modify them slightly. The AMT '60 Starliner chassis and floor pan works under the less detailed AMT '63½ and '64 Galaxies and Mercurys with some trimming. The AMT '67 Mustang and Shelby chassis works u
  22. You can do that and it will for sure work. But if you want to take engine and parts just from one kit you should get the latest AMT '60 Galaxie Starliner 2'n1 De Luxe kit as it has everything you need...and everything is top notch detailwise and it's one of the best kits AMT ever made. There are two complete engines in the kit and you'll get one 4-bbl intake with carb for 332/352/390/406/427 etc, one 2 X 4-bbl intake with carbs correct for 427 and one 3 X 2-bbl intake and carbs correct for 390/406 complete with cast aluminum oval air cleaner, same cleaner top but different base for the 2 X 4
  23. The Revell Germany W-900 kit has a 60 inch sleeper and I have seen separate sleepers sold on ebay from time to time.
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