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  1. Zen

    '57 T-Bird parts

    From what kit? What scale?
  2. Interesting project. These Welly SVO's are not that bad, you'll probably surpass the GMP quality on this transformation.
  3. Finally found one for a decent price and a built up 1/16
  4. Might have to invest in one of those, thanks
  5. Have it available plus the hi rise intake setup, stock wheels.
  6. Bought a new Bronco in Oct. and found out the Everglades I ordered in Sept. came in yesterday to the dealership. The dealer offered me 15k less than what I paid for the 23 a few months back, has only 2k miles on it, I felt insulted and left. I'll be keeping the 23 and said good bye to the 24 Everglades.
  7. What makes the Duster engine better than the Demon?
  8. Had the Rikshaw in my hands yesterday and had to put it back down, that thing is a mess.
  9. Revell Cart Indy Car Parts Bag | eBay
  10. Nice , those things are huge.
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