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  1. Looks great. I agree with the others, not boring or ugly.
  2. That wagon is cool. There is a peacock running around my dads house. The owner said they can keep him fenced in. He is a free range bird now. Yes, he makes some funny noises when you are used to chickens.
  3. Standard You Tube reveal video. Nothing Big so far but several kits that would North of 40 for sure. Considering the rumor that you get 3 to5 per kit with a large sale like this, he will get his money back but will take a long time too pedal them all. Some nice kits in the stash so far. The second video has a few more JO-Han kits.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/DouglasCGifford/videos/10200900354979857/ This was in a very large country bar in Toledo OH, before I was old enough to attend. The cab was the DJ both I was told.
  5. Now that is just what everyone has already said. Awesome. Best use of that corvette hood ever.
  6. As always Pat ,this looks good. Are you in the same town, or did you move south to the warm weather.
  7. I would also like to say thank you for your hard work and the Moderators as well. Knock on wood as they say, the Moderators have kept US running on an even keel for awhile.
  8. I would look at shapeways
  9. Ron, Last Sunday the Reynolds Store had both of those. But that store was closed all week and opened on Sunday Morning. I was these around 5ish. They were on an End cap almost walked past them.
  10. The stores here in the Toledo Area have limit signs for the fancy garage lights. that is the only limit sign I have seen. The one store in the south end of Toledo was closed for a week, the only reason I got to purchase a couple 57 Fords.
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