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  1. No one ever mentioned the late Fiero GT kit. Few on eBay, great kit. Great looking car with nice V6 unlike early boxy lump with 4. I’d forgotten about it, never saw at shows. Got F/S for price of current kit.
  2. “Butt hurt doesn’t count” Bwahahahahaha. Gold. Pure gold. Gotta put in sig line
  3. Everyone get some decaf and dig up a thread. Bill has a wonky Zcar transporter thing languishing somewhere. Update that thing plz. 😎 Everyone hug it out.
  4. It will outlive us all, brittle or not. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Pacific_garbage_patch Smaller one in pic And Family Guy reference. https://m.facebook.com/FamilyGuy/videos/403647657138652/
  5. We’ve been printing money prodigiously for 2yr now. Irrelevant of use. But that’s inflation. By definition. Each dollar printed makes others worth less. Pandemic and tariffs didn’t help, and shortages not helping either.
  6. Restarting a similar thread over and over happens around here sometimes. Fairly idiotic covering same ground over and over, with new info perhaps in another thread. Merged threads ok, but restarting a whole thread wastes reader’s and mod’s time.
  7. Killer. Plan on getting it. There's a 1/64 out there by Sparky (little Spark) that looks similar. https://www.sparkmodel.com/en/search/6 Now that I'm down this rabbit hole I'm toast. 1/64 Deltawing Nissan. Different paint schemes. And relatively cheap.
  8. LOL. Thread necromancer again. I won't post the Meme, it's in here some.where. Why do people keep books in libraries. Gold
  9. Lol. Typical? Unbuilt minty don't usually bring 1/2 that. Rarest one, but still. That's the "common" color flip. The tough one is the dark blue body and light blue interior for some odd reason.
  10. Wow. Fast on iPhone. Nice work Dave.
  11. And Windowsill. The 57’s have straight windowsills, the 55 is slanted, incorrect. Same cab, unsure if they included correct cabs in 55 later issues. I put 57 cabs on my 55’s.
  12. Almost like a big car manufacturer giving small copies of their cars to kids. Nah, that’d never work. 🤦🏻‍♂️😎
  13. Agree, I was just busting TB’s chops over his love of Ford motors in Fords. Hadn’t considered the Y. Forgot about it. Good idea. MUch prefer the nailhead in this kit, have a 49 Cad headed into a 32. Prob fit in A too.
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