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  1. That was typed cynically I’d guess. So, gee, everyone knows more than me, shucks. I’d be more blunt. Go pound sand. Measure your own tires. I’m not speaking for George. But I’ve seen too many great contributors here get shouted down by guys that know little but tell everyone. He pulled tire out and measured it for OP. Others wanted more, complained there were 2 sizes in pack, whatever. Thanks never in play. You think a guy that’d measure with a caliper is naive, unhelpful? That’d be idiotic. No could you please measure others? Nope. Like this thread, you were rude and are now trying to blame George and me for other thread. Our fault for missing nuance. This poster’s fault reviving an old thread. TL: DR Own your actions and try to listen rather than waiting for your turn to talk.
  2. In BMW’s case, it isn’t helping. Maybe they need to buy more clay, seems they run out and make the rest of it grille. And Bangle made me stop buying BMWs from ‘01-‘11. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  3. Bet a few teamsters would seriously disagree with that plan. As would CBP. 🤣
  4. if they sell out,we're ready to make more. Exactly how it should work!😃👍🏼
  5. Probably better to know audience first, then decide. You’re not only one that does this, so not personal. A few did it recently in another thread we were in, and everyone stepped in it. I felt bad for a guy who dug out a caliper and tires for a poster, and got hammered by people. Kinda annoyed me, so I posted the book he wrote about the topic he was roasted on. Just sayin’
  6. Until 7-9 mo ago, it was a 55y wait. Use Celts long memory. Best possible. 🤷🏻👍🏼 …Balls in trunk- that was the Buick Mobmaster. 🤣
  7. I recognized Della Street before I read ad copy. EZEye wasn’t on Fords, that sponsored early Perry Mason, didn’t look like Ford either. Prob a 58 Caddy, someone here will know
  8. Fujimi is much nicer than Heller to wrestle with. LM is great looking car. I’ve got a Drogo nose resin body for the 65 LM car for that chassis. But short nose still my fave.
  9. So we’re discussing 2 sets of glass for a kit of a Caravan that isn’t being reissued? And often R2 gives 2 sets of clear parts? Moot point it seems. 🤷🏻
  10. I need to sell a bunch of stuff. You sell on eBay, or shows? I’ve sold a ton at shows but have many hundreds more. Great keepers you have there too.
  11. @Mothersworry Glad to see Brad has great income stream. Lol. RIP Chris Etzel. You have great taste in kits, skills must be ok too. Great shop.
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