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  1. A cool little part I just found. I'm working on a 70's-style street machine/day 2 muscle car and I just found this period-perfect 8-track player in my parts stash. It's just over 1/4 inch wide (that's a #11 blade it's resting on). I'd like to know what kit(s) might have included this part if anyone out there has any ideas; I might have a couple more of these I don't know about.
  2. I don't understand this so-called "disinformaton". Right from the start, the plan was to take a vintage kit, clone it and re-issue it in vintage-style packaging. That's exactly what they did, and when the kit was announced Round2 stated it was/is all-new tooling. Their choice of the Nova wagon wasn't just pulled out of a hat, and it was apparently a good one based on the kit's popularity.
  3. I don't have a '64 Lemans convertible, but the GTO does have that chrome console piece; it is supposed to be mounted on top of the molded-in console.
  4. Here's the engine/transmission before installation in the above kit with the correct 4-speed and air cleaner. I'm not sure if there is a decal for the air cleaner on production kits. There is also a 4-speed shift lever for the interior, and a little clutch pedal to be installed beside the molded-in brake pedal.
  5. A few swipes of a sanding stick at the back edge of the seat helps too; this took about 15 seconds.
  6. Chiilin' in the hobby room
  7. My Chevy van/AFX slot car from years ago; it was a perfect fit.
  8. The BMF was a pain; I was working with two real bad, wrinkly sheets. The front and rear bumpers are Modelhaus; they came with the kit when I bought it.
  9. It's legit; Round2 has a display kit. I suspect they will publish a teaser pic soon.
  10. Just finished restoring this builtup I picked up at a show awhile back. I was glad to find this one; it completed my collection of Johan 1960 annuals. Paint is Tamiya TS-74 clear red, body, interior, everything; the different shades being determined by the base color. The base color on the body is TS-42 light gunmetal. I didn't have stock hubcaps for it, but I substituted a set of '61 Olds caps from my stash. They're close enough for now.
  11. The buckets are AMT '64 GTO (probably Tempest convertible too; don't have one of those to check).
  12. The MPC Model A Woody/pickup kits; the one pictured is probably the easiest to find.
  13. #4 is found in the Here Comes the Judge '57 T-Bird; possibly other kits as well.
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