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  1. Noooooo not......MAD! Insane ...Love Chevy & 1956! Great build!
  2. Great flash back....nice nice nice. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Very nice "Rockin' Sockin'" Studdie! very smooth & clean build. I like it a lot!
  4. Love that kit! Great build.
  5. Thanks for your kind comments! This was a great finish to my project goal.
  6. Great job! 1/16th scale is fun to work with, but not always the the easiest. You've done some fine work there. Love the engine detail! Great photos too!
  7. Thanks for the great comments guys! Dan-I modified the convertible top from a 64 Ford Mustang.
  8. Hey All! This is a project started back in 2009. With my work at home situation, I've had time to finish it. This is a tribute to my cousin who was my main inspiration in building models. Mike, along with two brothers as partners, put together this '69 Camaro. It was more of a hobby than a career. Hence the name "Tinker Toy". My cousin did the hand painted the "Tinker Toy" graphics. For my build, I custom made the graphics and also small sponsor logos ( Fram, Hurst, Accel. etc.). Mike pasted away in 1997. Thanks for looking. Comments welcome!
  9. Thanks for the great comments gang! Lee- Nice catch on the engine color! I will have to do better research on my builds next time. B.T.W. great job on your engine detail?
  10. Hey all! This is a Revell kit I built a few years back after a long pause. I took about 2 months to complete. I just had to much going on in my life. One of the kits I'm most proud of. Thanks for looking! [
  11. Perfect! Always loved that wagon.
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