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  1. Obvious question and the first one I would ask anyone posing this situation to me. Double action airbrush...Are you pulling back the the control after you press it down to get air. Not meaning any insult, it is just what I would ask anyone.
  2. I'm hoping the board can help me. I have not had much luck moving Firefox bookmarks to new computer and i have lost all my favorites. Can someone point me in the right direction. I know they are out there, I just don't know where. Thanks...
  3. Just to let you know, once it's channeled it is no longer a hi-boy. It now has become a lo-boy.
  4. Tom, where are located in PA? I agree with what you said about the gas people. I am in Montoursville and there are more white crew-cab pick-ups than you can imagine and most of them have only the driver in them. So much for energy conservation. The people north of us, Liberty, Ralston, Canton and other small burgs complain about the quality of their water and the fear of contamination. And the constant stream of tanker trucks is also too much to contend with. It would be better if we somehow benefited from all this but it's said the the largest percentage of gas is earmarked for China. Time
  5. Glad to hear that but... About three years ago a local hobby shop closed. The owner had an "invitation only" clearance sale. Seeing as how the store was less than two blocks away, I was there very early the day of the sale and was the first in the store. I was able to purchase his entire stock of Tamiya spray primer, 12 cans of gray, 10 cans of white, for pennies on the dollar. I have more than half of them left so I am set until/if it returns to the US!
  6. Did you clean the resin part with Bleach Wite or other cleanser?
  7. I never go to Wal-mart! Being familiar with their business practices I have personally boycotted them for nearly fifteen years. Am quite content not having to use them. If Sam's heirs were like him, I would reconsider. I retired from Shop-Vac last year and I met Old Sam about thirty years ago when he helped me load out one of their trucks. He often rode along with his drivers so he would know his suppliers better. He was quite the story teller and always a gentleman. If more people did business like him it would be a much better world. In my opinion W-M is evil. But that's my opinion and you
  8. I have been retired slightly more than a year. I have a sizable stash, 300+ and have no plans to purchase others unless they are must haves and that list is very short at this time. My wife and I give ourselves a modest allowance each week, so my hobby budget has no effect on the household budget. And being empty nesters, almost (I have a Downs Syndrome 24 year old son, who is employed part-time and receives SSI and SSD). I have also discovered that though retired I personally have more "disposable income" due to the fact that I am not buying that one or two extra coffees every day, nor do I
  9. Vacuum motors are not sealed. I retired last year from Shop-vac after thirty-four years,so I have some experience with vac motors. There is a warning on all units to the effect not to pick up flammable liquids or vapors. I spent a number of years in the lab at s-v and part of our job was to investigate motor failures sent to us by customers. You would be amazed at what some people use their shop vacuums for. But back to the question. it is not a good or safe idea to use a vac to evacuate paint over spray. It is just an explosion in the making.
  10. Last year I had six full sheets and one about 3/4 full, which were cracked, wrinkled and impossible to use. I e-mail the BMF people and they responded that I should send them all the defective sheets and they would replace them. I did this,even cutting the sheets into smaller pieces as instructed to fit in a smaller envelope. In less than a week, I had seven "New and Improved" packets of foil and so far I am happy at how much easier it is to work with. I keep my inventory in the freezer until I am ready to use. Seems to help.
  11. Finished this early New Years Eve. Thanks for looking. Sorry for the poor pic quality.
  12. Thank you Patrik. I thought I saw it here because I don't frequent the TRAK site very often as most of my builds are more contemporary. But a;; the same, thanks again... Jerry
  13. A few days ago I was cruising the board and came across a how-to by Lyle on making side mirrors from acrylic crystals. Not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, I neglected to bookmark it and now I can't find it. I have done a search and since my history was cleared, I am unable to relocate the topic. Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jerry
  14. I hope you enjoy. They are both curbside so there is no underhood or chassis detail. They both are finished with Testors One Coat colors and clear. The Chevy is Icy Blue and the Ford is Mythical Maroon. Any and all comments or questions are welcomed...
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