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  1. The 221,260,289,302 & 351 W were all externally the same basic engine. Different bores & stroke to give the different displacement.
  2. Check American Industrial Truck Models, he specializes in just resin truck bodies and parts.
  3. The Rustoleum primer is probably enamel & the color coat is likely a lacquer or urethane. You should never shoot anything but enamel over enamel. Find a primer from the same manufacturer as the paint.
  4. A crime to pull parts out of a kit to use on another build ? If so I’m going to jail forever, I saw cut them up, swap parts, age or value who cares ! This hobby is about building not saving boxes full of plastic.
  5. No need to clear over BMF, I have builds from 20-30+ years ago with BMF & they look as good today as when it was first applied.
  6. Howard, the only thing I am aware of is a ‘55-‘56 Bentley by Air Trax. Not sure if it is a complete kit or a trans kit for the Hubley Rolls.
  7. I don’t know anything about cold cast iron powder but that is the now deceased Revell ‘30 coupe from 3-4 years back.
  8. jas1957

    Part needed

    Revell T bucket ? I cannot picture that kit, what scale ?
  9. Very sad news, he was a great guy & a fantastic modeler.
  10. Try email again. I know that’s not much help but it’s all I have.
  11. Thank you for the tribute Howard, it was a labor of love for many many years. All good things must end, I urge everyone to support your nearest model show/contest/swap meet. You walking in the door & paying your admission is what keeps them running.
  12. RMR (Ron Andrews) indeed purchased all the molds & masters from the estate of Ray Parson (R&R ). This also includes much of the product of Ron Cash Scale Autos as Ray had acquired all of that after Ron’s death some years ago. The RMR web site is not up to date if you are interested in anything he has, contact him directly. I purchased a couple kits from him in the Spring, good product & service.
  13. Also my question, did this ever happen & if so where can it be purchased ?
  14. The Auburn kit was originally from Pyro in 1955, it is crude but with work can be made to look decent. It has been reissued many times over the years & was still in the Round 2 catalog within the last year or so. Easy to find & not expensive.
  15. May have to scratch build it, don’t believe that wheel was ever in a kit. I just looked at an ‘84 kit I have & the only wheel was nothing like that.
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