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  1. I had a Fed Ex email that a package was out for delivery between 10-12 pm today. Then another email that said 1-3pm. it finally came around 4pm. Was from my employer, something to be opened on the all-hands Zoom call next week...some sort of corporate swag.
  2. I think the only criteria is 25 years old or older. Not sure what the incentive for them is, regular car registration is cheap here compared to other states. I can't imagine putting a 'historical' plate on a Geo Metro. Per the Ohio BMV website: A person who owns a motor vehicle that is more than 25 years old and that is owned solely as a collector’s item used for participation in club activities, exhibitions, tours, parades, and similar uses may apply for registration of the vehicle and issuance of a Historical license plate with the Application and Affadavit for Historical Licens
  3. Interesting...the streaker was an altered wheelbase drag version of the '64 Olds convertible kit? Never actually seen one of that kit. Some of the parts for it seem to be in the reissued convertible kit (like the tonneau cover and chopped windshield).
  4. Raine is happy after a grooming for Spring. She does have 2 ears, her right one is up and down...
  5. Looks like it will have a release later in the 'Craftsman Plus' style box art.
  6. Got my Coke version today…and it’s molded in red. Guess I missed that detail in the description.
  7. Got some new releases from Model Roundup today, first new models I'd bought in a while.
  8. I got my learners permit I think at 14...started practicing at home in Ohio in the summer, with my Dad in his '79 Dodge Power Wagon 4x4 pickup (super numb steering, would stall on left turns), my Dad's then-new '84 Ford Escort diesel (great for parallel parking, and learning to use a manual transmission), and his '84 Lincoln Town Car (not great for parallel parking). Did this during the summer when I was 14 and 15 (1984, 1985). My Florida high school used an '83ish Caprice 4dr and a Celebrity of the same era for their driving training..both were tan IIRC. I took my driving test
  9. A fair bit in the winter...let their coats get longer then, and have to brush them to prevent matting.
  10. It's good...as Tim said, 98 pages, lots of articles on builds of muscle cars, pro touring and restomod style cars. A good read.
  11. Me w/ Ginger (12) and Henry (14), both had recent groomings.
  12. I did have 2nd thoughts looking at the rear pic, was thinking possibly a ‘69 GTO with the Judge wing, but the side quarter creases definitely look more Buick.
  13. I’m thinking ‘70 GS—no GSX stripes, and it looks like the rear plate is lower like the 70 was.
  14. The roofline, side crease and rear bumper looks like a ‘70-72 Buick Skylark or GS.
  15. Yes, I had preordered mine in digital form several months ago, and they sent me a link to the Zinio version today.
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