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  1. I only let my dogs out in my large fenced backyard. And I do pick up after them, so they don't recycle their product. I don't walk them on the sidewalks because there are too many big dogs in the neighborhood and I don't trust other people to control their dogs.
  2. Sad to hear..never seen them, but liked them since discovering them in the 80s. I like Billy Gibbons recent solo album...
  3. I didn't realize it was out either...found it on Diecast Models Wholesale website.
  4. Maisto 1/24 2021 Ford Bronco and 1/24 2020 Ford Mustang GT500, along with a Greenlight 1/64 2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1.
  5. That one says Fruehauf on the box and doesn't mention a reefer...the Great Dane reefer is a different trailer, I presume? Edit: it appears the Great Dane reefer is of '70s ERTL origin, while the Fruehauf 'beaded panel' van is of '70s AMT origin, last seen in Coca-Cola livery recently. Not sure if the Fruehauf is refrigerated, so maybe the Coors version is for hauling a load of warm beer...;)
  6. Cool..I like that they are bring back the fratzog emblem also.
  7. I had one last week I caught on my Ring cameras as it was being left—FedEx driver left one of the dry ice containers from Omaha Steaks and I ran out to the truck before they left, was for a house down the street..driver had transposed 2 digits of the house number.
  8. Went to my office yesterday to meet my team after almost 6 months of working remote...it's a 40 min drive, so I won't be going in often, but maybe once a month or so as needed. The office is downtown Cuyahoga Falls, Oh along the river, lots of nice restaurants and brewpubs nearby. While walking to lunch, went past the Clifford Mini Auto Museum--going to have to check it out when I have more time. It's an old gas station and garage that's been made into an automobila museum w/ an Oldsmobile focus--saw a yellow '56 2dr ht and a tan '60 4dr sedan in the bays with the roll up doors open (beaut
  9. I generally haven't had many issues w/ the carriers...Fed Ex I usually use for overseas orders from Hobby Link Japan and others, and Home Depot home delivery (free delivery is nice). Got a couple boxes today w/ small boxwood shrubberies to plant along my back fence, one box was pretty smashed but the shrub was fine.
  10. Didn't get pics as I was driving, but saw a very clean black '71 Torino 2dr w/ black vinyl top and Magnum 500 wheels, and a very clean black 2007ish Saleen S281 Mustang--haven't seen one since they were new.
  11. Interesting... it is fun to think of strange factoids like that...like I'm now 1 year older than my Dad was when I was born, and he would 100 this year.
  12. $61.xx at Model Roundup. Sounds like a $10 premium for the decals.
  13. Having time to do a lot of cooking is a luxury. Maybe in retirement some day.
  14. I can cook a bit and enjoy grilling burgers, hot dogs, steaks etc in the summer, but if I want a good pizza, Thai curry, Indian tikka masala, tacos, etc I get it delivered or take out..
  15. Yeah, I wonder if the issue comes from cramming the parts into an NA box instead lf the wider, flatter EU style box. I don't see this issue w/ the convertible version.
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