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  1. nice collection of camaros. well done sir!
  2. 69vette

    Revell '64 GTO

    looks great!!
  3. Hi all, I recently bought an Aoshima Mercedes SL63 AMG in 1/24 scale , opened it up only to find the tires, springs, and poly sleeve bag missing. I have a two part question for you, first what size are the wheels, (measured size 22mm or 15/16 in.), I might go aftermarket, and have you had any luck ordering from aoshima? THANKS in advance, Jack
  4. That looks the part my friend. Love the engine compartment, and the interior is awesome sir! WELL DONE !!!
  5. hmmmm, are we not allowed to ask the question on both sites??
  6. On the cover of the SCALE AUTO MAGAZINE Contest cars 2013 is a red roadster. Any and all info will be greatly appreciated, such as builder, make, model, wheels, etc. That thing is beautiful!!! THANKS in advance, 69vette, aka Jack
  7. WOW!! Most beautiful cutlass sir!! Back in the 70's I had a friend who bought one of the 4-4-2's brand new, talk about a sweet ride, and FAST, that sucker would fly! NICE JOB AGAIN!!!! Jack
  8. Hey bubba, welcome to this forum. I've been here less than a year mostly a lurker!! Theres a ton of great people here, and also lots of great modellers. From Rat Rods to the exotic tuners, dragsters to street rods, plenty of inspiration here!!! I have also been building models since the Stone Age, bagged airfix aircraft at the corner drug store, along with 10 cents of those dots of candy on slickpaper, made for a great weekend! Anyhow welcome sir!!!. Jack
  9. Well done MrMike, she sure is purty!!! Makes me want to go out and buy a 1:1 GT500!!! Jack
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