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  1. A little square stock to fill a couple of openings between the cab firewall and the roadster floorboard. Cut off the excess... Floorboard matches up with the firewall right where it belongs! Taking out the bow in the back of the roadster seat... and, sanding it square to the floorboard was a must... is going to make it fit the cab so much better! So happy with the fit! Trying to get to the point where I will have to deal with the doors. I know the door panels are going to really give the interior the finishing detail this k
  2. @Painted Black WOW! Good to have you aboard! Jump in here and continue our quest in getting @tim boydto finish his tribute '29A Closed Cab! Paint is in the on the horizon... need to do a full-on white glue mock-up! Stay tuned... -KK
  3. You nailed it, ADL! Both your T Touring and your 1:1 experience have brought you to the same conclusion that I have had as a basic rule of model car building: The final result has to appear to be "street worthy"! If it isn't street-able or plausible, even in theory, the builder has missed the mark. Reality is a bitch, so if your fantasy is to create a vehicle that reflects your interests or personality, then make sure that if it were constructed for the road that it is legal and safe, even in concept! -KK
  4. I think you're on to something about the longer wheel base and those rims... They made the difference on the Saltster -KK Saltster Rims - Front & Back
  5. Nice job! Looks spot on!! I'll be expecting to see it under glass... -KK
  6. Always on of my favorite TV cars! Lumpy's Ford Convertible from Leave It to Beaver! Like the subject and your progress is right on! -KK
  7. I was hoping we might entice you into finishing the 1980's project of a scale replica of the Jim Jacobs Model A pickup, @tim boyd! @Dennis Lacy and I had talked about the possibility!! @Rocking Rodney Rat ( @Rockin' Rodney Rat ) was very instrumental in continuing this tribute thread, as well!! @alan barton's contribution has moved this thread around the world! Thanks to everyone, especially those that just checked in on us having fun with the Revell '29 PU! -KK 16.7K VIEWS WOW!!!! And, @bill-e-boy's Tribute thread has also been fun to watch, too!
  8. With a few parts from a whole lot of other kits! This went sideways about the introduction of parts from other than REVELL/MONOGRAM. Kit bashing may be an art in it's own!! Kleaned up the door panels... and, filled a couple of floorboard holes... It's gonna all get set aside, as painting is getting close... And, even got a couple of pieces to do the back corners of the cab behind the seat back... Picked up a couple of pieces of glass to go in front of the cabinet lights! Have a Lazy Susan to go on the stool! Lights up!!
  9. Cut the door panels... Seems to match the roadster seat... Scribed the hood sides, too...
  10. Scribed the cut lines for the '29 PU door panels... Time to remove the "X" casting brace... Been busy with the Honey Do List! -KK
  11. Spent a little time at the bench, yesterday... Found some door panels that sorta match the '29 Roadster bench seat Found them in the AMT '32 Ford Phantom Vickie
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