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  1. OUTSTANDING!! Can I ask where you got this beauty?! I definitely want one!!
  2. Count me in for the Impala !! I have the 1:1 and She's a beaut! Gotta sell her tho Economy Sucks! Hope to get 30 gs for her !! At least revell will give me somethin to remember her by!!
  3. Hey guys, I have a pretty basic question, I made a small goof on the paint of my 69 Nova after it was clear coated (1 coat of wet) . Do you think I could get away with putting 1 more coat of paint and then re-clearcoat it? God, I hope so! If not the paint looks so good , I would just leave the goof and it would always bother me.
  4. Thanks guys , I've got a 66 Wildcat in the works now. Will post soon Sam
  5. Here's my trio of tri-fives . The 55 and 56 are from monogram, the 57 from Model king. I had a great time building them all and I have learned alot from each of them . Now , What to build next...
  6. Testors mettallic blue
  7. Thanks guys, I'll definitely work on the photo skills! Sam
  8. Up for your consideration , this 1955 Chevy Gasser . My first build in almost 20 years. It was alot of fun and I'm learning more on each model I do. The chrome strips were painted on by 48 year old hands with the help of Maxwell house coffee , so needless to say I'll be attempting foil in the near future. Hope you like her and I'm ready for some critique . (mercy please!) Sam M. Crystal lake,IL.
  9. Hey guys, This is my latest creation , A 1956 supercharged Chevy Belair which I kinda made into a gasser. I'm doing a tri-five gasser collection . I haven't been doing models for about 20 years and I gotta say , ALOT has changed. New colors of paints , aftermarket parts and bare metal foil!! I haven't got the guts to try the foil yet but maybe someday. I have noticed my hands shake alot more now tho!! Hope you like her! Sorry about the pics , they are off my Blackberry so they kinda suck. Sam M. Crystal lake, Il.
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