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  1. Looks like an interesting idea. I look forward to your progress. Later-
  2. I think it would. It would be a relatively easy repair since it would just be the rockers below the body mold line. I've already started the repairs on the wheel wells with strips of styrene so it is a bit late to patch those in. Later-
  3. Got a chance to do some work on this last night. I focused on the chassis and interior since the weather has been too humid to spray the clearcoat. I didn't shoot any pics of the chassis but here is the interior. All I have left is to add some "carpet" and glue the dash and front bench in. Later-
  4. Got the first bit of the A pillar and wing window repairs done. Needs a bt of clean up. I also puttied and sanded the glue damage on the body. Not really liking the rocker panel repairs so I may cut them off and replace them altogether with some ribbed chrome stips. Still have the rear wheel wells to repair. Later-
  5. Bob, I'm looking forward to seeing how this one turns out. I saw your video on the problems you had with the 5 window. I was the one who traded you for that. If you want to do a trade to get rid of the 5 window, let me know. I'd take it. We could do a swap next time I come to Evansville. Later-
  6. Got the Rivi out of the brake fluid today and began the clean up of the glue rash (no idea what the original builder decided to glue to the roof) and flash. Next is a bit of putty and repairing the A pillar and wing window. Later-
  7. Thank you everyone for your kind words. I am very excited about how this one has turned out so far. Later-
  8. Got the final color sprayed tonight. Just a bit lighter than the Fathom Green. Next will be to airbrush clear nail polish. Later-
  9. I sprayed a base of Testors Fathom green to get a good base and make the nail polish go farther. Today I finished the white top. Now to add a couple more light coats of the green nail polish to lighten it up a bit. Later-
  10. Just arrived from a deal. 63 Olds and the 62 Galaxie for a great price. Both nice, clean examples. Plans are to keep both.like they are for now. This makes my second 63 Olds. The other I have will eventually become a mild custom. Later-
  11. I'm liking the weathering you are doing on this. It is fun to do and you're doing just fine with it. Can't wait to see it with some weathered paint. Later-
  12. I agree! Sure would have been easier if I had remembered it to begin with but not a big problem. Got a bit of the interior done last night. He said the interior was this color of green but the seats were not like these. Later-
  13. I had forgotten that deep in one of our texts back and forth he had told me that it had a white vynil top. So, today I began to remedy that by running strips for the borders and seams. Just a minor mistake that wont take much to fix. I will let the glue dry for a while and co.e back tonight and clean it up. Then I'll peime and get it ready for the white. Later-
  14. Thanks. Yes, it is a bit of both. I don't plan to make it a habit. It would be more help if he had some pics of his car, but oh well. We did make an agreement last night for some cash and this 62 Galaxie convertible screw bottom. Later-
  15. Thanks. No. I need to do a bit of sanding and a few more coats. It will be a bit darker. Later-
  16. Got the first few coats of paint on today. I'll spray some more tonight. Later-
  17. Tonight I got the paint mixed up for the body. Same as I did for my recent 65 Chevelle Z16 build I mixed two nail polishes together to make a dark green that the client says is very close to what he had. I also primed a bit of the interior and started the assembly of the engine. There are 23 steps alone in assembling the engine! The instructions are not that clear as to attachment points. That's it for tonight. Later-
  18. Thanks, Steve for the heads up. I have been looking at the instructions for the front suspension. They aren't very helpful and it looks pretty complicated. Later-
  19. This is a commission build for someone. I have never done a commission for someone. He asked for a model of a 70 Caddy he had years ago. He doesn't have any pictures of it but the description sounded simple enough so I figured why not. He said that his was dark metallic green and I showed him the paint on my 65 Chevelle I just finished. He said it looked close enough to his Caddy. I recieved the kit from him and spent a couple of days cleaning and sanding the flash and mold lines. Got it in final primer tonight. I'll probably mix the nail polish and spray it tomorrow. Later-
  20. Thank you everyone for your comments and vote of confidence. I'm going to start researching some ideas later tonight. Later-
  21. Our club is having a 3 month build-off with the theme being "Rebuilders". The rules state that there must be 2-3 changes made to the original build. I dug through my stash and pulled this screw bottom out. There is a bit of body damage around the rear wheel wells and the passenger a pillar is broken. Both should be relatively easy fixes. Not sure where I am headed with this but am thinking either an early 60's custom or something similar to a Zocchi style build. I pulled it apart this morning and have it in the stripper now. Unfortunately I broke the passenger taillight while taking it out. They are basic shapes so it shouldn't be difficult to make one or do cusrom lights. Stay tuned. Later-
  22. Just picked these three sealed, new issues at a vendor mall for $15.75 ea. Later-
  23. Picked these up today. The JoHan Plymouth is built as the stock car and the drag parts are still there. The 66 Malibu only has the dash and steering wheel glued in, the Nova is complete/ unstarted, the Thunderbolt has been started, and the Cop Out is a built original. May be going back tomorrow for more. Later-
  24. While visiting my parents this week they are doing the "old people thing" of giving away anything I'm willing to take. Picked up this tub that was full of Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Johnny Lightning cars. Not really my thing so my nephew and I went through it. This is what is left from what he took. I'll take it home and figure out values and what I want to keep. Some of these are 20+ years old. Why couldn't they have collected model kits.....Lol. Later-
  25. Yeah, I could get a couple more pieces of glass cut and make a few more shelves. I may end up getting another cabinet about the same size for the other side too. Later-
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