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  1. Good to see you back!! I like the work you've got going on this. I always wanted one of these kits but they were always out of my price range(in my pea brain) I'm kicking myself now cause I don't have much spare money. Yours is going to look Sweet!


  2. Nice score Tom. I like them both. I scored a 53 Ford Panel from a vendor last year but I'm not sure who it's from. It looks a lot like your 50. Did AAM do a 53? I paid $25 for mine and I thought it was well worth it. It s a very nice clean casting.

    Thanks for showing your two.


  3. Jeff-

    Looking good so far. Don't know why no one else has not replied to this. I like the idea of using the Thunderbolt engine and tranny. What about using the old "Cross Boss" intake from the 70 Mustang kit. I know that it came in a 1/24 scale kit, but did it also come in the Revell "Special Edition" 70 Mustang kit? Not sure. I also like your pedal set up. Was that a kit supplied part?

    Keep it up and let's see the updates.


  4. Hey Jairus-

    Good to hear from you. I understand about life getting in the way. I got laid off this week, spent a day putting new tile in my front entry way and spent the next evening helping a buddy put cheap "hardwood" flooring in his living room (Two days on my 41 year old knees on a hard floor)

    Keep at it and you'll get there. Heck, we have a year!


  5. The other night I got some time to begin on the body work. I only managed to get the trim removed and puttied in the door handle holes. I also sanded out the minimal mold lines.




    I have an F1 air intake from an old kit in my parts box. My idea is to panel in the rear window and create an extension of the base of the air intake that will lead to just above the tail which will create a channel leading into the engine bay.

    I also received a set of the Pegasus wheels from Jairus himself for this build. I tried to show a photo of them, but it wouldn't load.

    I looked at how to lower the suspension on the Bug and I believe that the front suspension can be lowered by simply mounting the front axle on a block. The rear will take a little more work, but shouldn't be difficult.

    Keep checking back and I'll try to keep making regular progress. Any comments, criticisms or suggestions welcomed.


  6. Here is the Jairus drawing that I received to build:


    I am excited to build this and I finally got everything together that it looks like I'll need.

    I picked up the excellent Tamiya 1966 VW Beetle 1300 kit from the LHS. This kit is beautiful and it is almost a shame to have to customize it. I'll definitely be picking up another soon. Here is a photo of the kit instructions because I didn't take a photo of the box:


    From the drawing it is obvious that it has a Porsche whale tale so I broke out my Fujimi 1985 Porsche 911 kit that I got a while ago from VW Dave. (Thanks Dave)My intentions are to add the tale and the front seats for sure. I may possibly try to add some other interior parts and possibly the engine from the Porsche. I'm not sure on the engine yet. I'll build both engines up and see how much the size varies.

    Here is a photo of the Porsche driver's seat, tail and the somewhat assembled engine.



    More to come.


  7. Len-

    So this is a new Revell tool? Any chance of getting a box art shot and a kit #? Just out of curiosity, couldn't you get the same body from combining the 64 Impala top to the 62 Bel Air body? (Not that I'd want to go through all of that work if I had a kit of the 62 Impala available- just asking.) Looking good so far. Keep the posts coming.


  8. I finally got a chance to get mine started last night while we were watching TV. I sanded all of the trim off of the body and filled all of the handle holes. Not much else beyond that, but it's a start. I would have posted pics on my own link but the batteries in the camera were dead. Got more batteries today but now I have to go help a buddy put flooring in his living room. Always something. Look for them tonight. (I hope)

    BTW- Fletch- Have you sent out the snail mail packages yet? Haven't seen mine yet.


  9. I'm not sure if the rollback was a Modelhaus item or not. That's just what he told me. It came with quite a few parts and no instructions. I'm trying to mentally piece it together. I could be in trouble there. LOL

    He had mentioned at our last club meeting that he had one and I told him "That would be cool." A week later I went to his house to visit and he said that he had something for me. He pointed to a tub and I opened it and was quite surprised.


  10. Well, I finally picked up my Tamiya 66 Beetle kit for the build. What a beauty. It's going to almost be a shame to have to customize such a fabulous kit. Oh Well. I guess I can always get another.....somewhere.....Uh, hey Fletch? You There???? LOL!

    Now it's on to my own thread and massaging plastic. I finally have all of the parts I need to get started.


  11. Yesterday I picked up a Tamiya 1966 Volkswagon Beetle 1300 kit for the Jairus Watson Challenge build. What a beautiful kit it is. After my stop at the LHS I went to Mike Flynn's --a fellow builder buddy's house and he gave me a few things. He gave me:

    1. Rep & Min set of 4 into 1 megaphone headers, still in the package,

    2. A set of photo etched pulley faces

    3. A tub that included the cab and interior and various parts to the Chevy extended cab Snap Tite pick-up kit.

    4. A police light bar

    5. A headache rack

    6. A ModelHaus resin Rollback Bed and resin dually wheels!!!!!!

    What a friend!!

    I'm looking forward to starting a rollback tow truck build soon. Maybe next after my Jairus Watson Challenge build.


  12. Fletch-

    Nothing here to show yet, but I am going to the hobby shop tomorrow to get the Tamiya 66 Beetle kit. I have the air intake from a motorized F1 kit that I picked up years ago at a thrift store. I plan to use the engine and whales tail from a Fujimi 85 Porsche 911 that I have on hand. I also have the wheels that Jairus sent to me. Sunday I leave to go to work out of town for a week and I will be taking everything with me. Should have a bit of progress to show once I get back.

    I look forward to seeing everyone's progress soon.


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