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  1. This build is looking awesome. I had that 77 Dodge kit up until about a year ago and I sold it. :P How STUPID am I now??? Please, Don't answer that. :lol:

    Keep up the great work. I love the color scheme.


  2. Bernard-

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I still have some fine details to touch up. That is the area where I stretched the top and those little window trim edges are so small that they are hard to duplicate and sand smooth. I'll get them eventually, though.

    Tonight I got the interior bucket from the 50 out to see how it fits and I had to cut off the tulip panel area(?) (Back panel under the rear window) The 50 Ford's is an indented area for the convertible top to fit in when dropped. So, I dug out the styrene sheet and made a flat one. I could have cut the one off of the 49 Coupe kit and swapped the two to build a 49 Ford Convertible. I saved the part from the 50 in case I DO want to build a 49 Ford Vert in the future. Right now I have enough future projects.


  3. I started this conversion for my cousin who has a 1:1 and wanted a model of it. I took measurements from his car to build it as accurate as possible. Since one didn't exist in kit form, I combined the body of a 50 Ford convertible with a stretched roof of a 49 Coupe. I shaved off the drip rail. I also made molds of the thinly molded trunk hinges to replace after the major body work was complete.

    Today was the third primer coat and I don't have many touch-ups left to do. I should be able to get the drip rails and hinges on by the end of next week (I don't get much time to build).





    Once I get the drip rails and hinges on I'll do a final update. I was only supposed to do the initial body work for my cousin so that he could finish the build. I may update it with his final photos, but no promises.

    Thanks for looking and any comments are always welcome.


  4. I have two kits that I was wondering if they would fit. They don't have all of the body flares and all, but in one of the first posts I noticed someone put BMW M1. I have a 1/24 BMW M1 Marlboro Pro Car Kit made by Ertl/Esci. I also have a 1/24AirFix Series 5 Lotus Espri. Would these qualify? With scratchbuilding for the body panels?

    I don't have time for a build off, but thought that I might use some of your ref. photos for when I want to build them. Thanks for your time.


  5. Jameston-

    That is looking great. I like the decal work with the pinstripes. Have you managed to get some paint in spray cans yet? I did get an airbrush given to me recently but I don't have a hose for it yet. How can I get a list of your paints available?


  6. Walther-

    Looking good so far for your first. I like a lot about that kit. I have two and I try to get one when I find them. I am putting the engine from one into a 55 Ford Pickup that I am customizing. I am also using the seats, instrument panel and steering wheel. Keep the photos coming and we'll try to be gentle. LOL.


  7. Nice Merc. I like the grille work. What Lindberg Kaiser kit are the wheels from? Is this a typo? I didn't know there was a Kaiser kit out there. If so, I need info on it. Please PM me if such a kit exists. Thanks.


  8. Dave-

    What a very well done, clean build. I like the top chop and the engine swap. At first I didn't like the choice of wheels, But after I looked at it again I like them because they aren't seen on builds everyday. They go well with the rest of the truck. Thanks for sharing.


  9. James-

    Your work on that kit is superb! I love the details on the tires. It turned out great for having a few minor flaws. Too bad you had to glue the hood shut. I looked at that kit many times on the store shelves and thought about getting it, but never did.


  10. That is an interesting looking kit. I always wondered what the inside looked like. You've done a great job on it. I've only known of one other person to build one. I think it was Pat Covert, but I could be wrong. Looks good.


  11. Well, Here's my story. In two days I'll be 41 and I've STILL never been picked. My wife has had to appear twice and has gotten out of it both times. She was/ is self employed both times.

    My Grandfather was the best story though. When he appeared for his one and only time, the Defense Attorney asked him a question and my Grandfather said "Well, I don't care what he did, HANG him." The DA said "Sir, I don't believe we need your services." I can't understand why it was his only time appearing for court??? B)


  12. Remember too that instead of ordering photoetched aluminum things such as wire looms, you can use soda pop can aluminum. It cuts pretty easy with an old X-Acto knife blade and drills easy too. Get a set of small drill bits (I think they generally come in size 61-80)from somewhere like Micro-Mark. Cut a small T shape out of the aluminum, drill the holes in the top, or horizontal, part of the T. Bend the T, using the vertical part as the tab to glue to the motor.


  13. From Kevin's comments it sounds to me like he was trading for dependability, which is always a good choice. I'd take dependability over a decent car that sat dead in my driveway. Besides, the Monte is a nice looking ride when done right and can be souped up to whatever you want. I think we all know that he made the wise choice. Now let us see those photos.


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