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  1. From Kevin's comments it sounds to me like he was trading for dependability, which is always a good choice. I'd take dependability over a decent car that sat dead in my driveway. Besides, the Monte is a nice looking ride when done right and can be souped up to whatever you want. I think we all know that he made the wise choice. Now let us see those photos.


  2. Brandon-

    Looks good. What is the story behind the 412 on the roof? What modifications did you make? Was it a difficult or easy build? We need a little more info on this seldom seen built kit.

    Keep it up and let us see more builds.


  3. Dave-

    Your work is looking good on this thing. I've got a question. What is this New Generation Thunderbird Snap kit that you used the taller tires from? Do you have a kit # or a picture? The big and littles look good.

    Keep it up.


  4. Mike-

    That is a nice clean build of a good looking car. I loved these when they were new and wanted one. I almost bought a 92 Super coupe. What stopped me? I realized, while cruizing 120mph home from the dealership to show my wife, that I would get into too much trouble.


  5. Hey guys-

    Thanks again for all of the kind words and taking the time to look.


    I'll have to eventually figure something out to fix the SG spot. Quite possibly I'll just try to lightly sand it and tape off a small area around it, leaving the edge of the tape raised to keep from getting a raised paint or clearcoat edge. We'll see what happens.


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