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  1. Cranky-

    Looks like a nice place to create. That's something I need to do is clean and organize my area. I've been working on it off and on for the last year. It was an old greenhouse off of the back of my garage that the previous owners walled in with metal siding. It had no heat or insulation for the first year that I was in it. About 120 degrees in the summer and freezing in the winter. It was hot enough the first summer to warp 3 of my builds that were in display cases. I have since insulated and sheeted almost all of it and I still need to wire in a heater. Right now I have an electric portable heater. I also am in the process of installing a window for more light and ventilation. The good thing is that, so far I have about $15 into the renovation. I've been collecting things off of jobs.

    Most importantly, I need to clean and organize. But that is no fun compared to building.


  2. Thanks again guys.


    That color would look perfect on the 79 Berlinetta. I actually went to school with a kid who had a late 70's Berlinetta in a dark met. brown color that was very similar to it. Thanks. I hadn't thought of that car in years. B) He drove it like he stole it. On second thought, he just may have.....


  3. Cranky-

    When I saw the interior shots on Pg 5 with the junk and magazines, my first thought was "Nice Long Boards". :) Get it?...... I know....I know.....That was dumb! :)

    Anywho, great job on the build and I can't wait to see it with the real Longboards in place. You do nice work and I am going to try this method of weathering, sooner or later.


  4. Thanks again for all of the kind words. I am really happy with the work on the interior.

    Bruce- I'll bring it by for a closer inspection the next time I'm in town.

    It's now on to the next project, finishing up my 70 1/2 Camaro convertible.

    Look for it in the Workbench section.


  5. Hello all-

    Some of you have been following my WIP in the "Under Construction" section.....and I thank you.

    Now it is finished and ready to move in here.

    It's amazing to me how a kit that was such a joy to work on could turn EVIL in the final assembly. I had a bear of a time getting the chassis to mount into the body....and it is still not right. I'm not sure what the issue is. Also, I managed to get a drop of Super Glue on the top of the front driver's fender. Something to fix later.

    Enough whining.... on to the bad photos.




    More photos coming.


  6. Hey Guys-

    I got this one finished up the other night. It's amazing to me how a kit that went together so nicely could fight me in the end.

    I'll post the finished photos in the "Under Glass" section and call this one closed.

    Thanks for stopping in.


  7. Jairus-

    Thanks for posting the drawing of your 60 Starliner. I know that I keep saying I'll send a photo of the build....and I will.

    I also noticed the other day that another of my "In Progress" builds is one of your sketches. It is the 70 1/2 Camaro convertible. Both builds are about 85% completed. Thanks again for sharing your ideas.


  8. Prostreeter69-

    I recognize your truck. A friend of mine from CO sent me photos of it that he took at a show. He said that it looked a lot like a 55 Ford that I have been working on for years. I chopped and sectioned the cab, pancaked the hood, rolled the pans, shortened the bed, widened the rear fenders and moved the front fenderwells forward. Lately I have been working on the chassis (when I work on it). Yours looks great.

    Many nice builds on here Fellas. Keep it up.


  9. RacerX-

    That is a fine job in both incarnations. You do nice clean work. It must have been heartbreaking to see that damaged after putting so much work into it. I know. I don't think that I have ever had one survive more than a year without some damage from something. Very aggravating.

    Again, though, Nice job both times.


  10. I unofficially finished the build last night. I say unofficially because as I was finishing it up I got a drop of Superglue on the paint. Also the coat of clear that I put on yesterday morning wasn't completely dry. As I was working on it last night the clear coat on the roof got marred. Neither one is highly noticeable, but I'll have to fix them before I'll be happy.

    So now the plan is to take photos of it tomorrow and put them on here. Then I can fix it while I have time.

    The body was a real bear to get on the chassis. That has been the only difficult part of this build.

    Pictures tomorrow.


  11. Cranky-

    I appreciate the advice about how to do this technique. I've really admired the work you've done on your last few builds and I want to try this myself. Your build is looking fantastic. Keep it up.


  12. Get a nice sized bowl full of warm soapy water and use that to wet your model and sandpaper with. This is what they refer to as wetsanding. The important thing is to periodically dry the body off to check your progress.


  13. Jairus-

    This is looking good. I like the alterations you are doing. This makes me want to dig out my 62 Bel Air wagon that is languishing in a box in my hobby room. This style is what I have been looking for since the style that was "IN" when I started it is now long gone.(Thankfully)

    I'll be keeping an eye on your build to see how it turns out. Lastly, I still need to send you a photo of my 60 Starliner.


  14. I took a 2400 grit sanding pad to the scratch this afternoon and, although I could still see the scratch once I called it good, I was afraid that I would sand through the paint. Then I resprayed the whole thing with another coat of clear. I'm not sure if the scratch is gone because I was afraid to touch it until it dries. Either way, I'm calling it good.

    Next I painted the sun visors on the glass and glued the rear view mirror on.

    Right now I am waiting for the clear coat to dry so that I can do my final assembly and photos. Hopefully I will be ably to do these tonight.


  15. Cranky-

    OK, I have to ask again because last time you sent me a link that I couldn't get to open. How do you get the salt to stay on while you spray the paint? Is it just held there with dullcote? And, when do you brush it off, if so? I like what you have done and want to try it.



  16. Juergen-

    Nice clean build. The interior looks great and spotless! I can't wait to see this one finished. The 65 is just about my favorite Impala. I sure wish that I would have picked up a couple of those kits when they were out.

    I am just about finished with the 68 Firebird. I should be done either tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for the reference photos of yours.


  17. I spent most of Oct working away from home and I finally got back to the bench the other night and finished up the BMF job on the kit. It turned out pretty good and I am satisfied. I did manage to put a big scratch in the passenger front fender with an XActo blade while trimming the wheelwell chrome. So I have been soliciting suggestions in how to repair it and I think that I have finally settled on a way. I hope to get it repaired this week and perhaps get it finished too. Keep looking in and I promise to have some photos within the next few days.


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