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  1. Looking like a tough logger. On decal/rivet issue, I like to sand the rivet detail down slightly where decals will lay so the decal doesn't have to stretch as much. Tim
  2. On the 5th wheel, it looks good. The slide plate used to be solid back in the day because that was pretty much all they knew how to do.
  3. Here are your pics - I cleaned them up a bit. This 359 looks a lot like the Revell of Germany 359 kit. Tim
  4. Peterbilt offered several styles of battery box. The AMT T500 kit piece would be correct if mounted aft of the fuel tank, or under the step boards if the box cover's step was removed. Smaller box sizes were used too. This one is a right-side only box. This one is a small box that could also have a twin on the left side Tim
  5. As with the other AMT kits in the White/Autocar/Western Star/Diamond Reo line - the cab fit/hood fit is tricky. I like the temporarily install the hood without the radiator in place - and align the cab - gluing it in place, then installing the radiator. If you follow the instructions and install the cab first, you'll fight with the fit and hingles. It's easier to adjust the cab than the hood. Tim
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