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  1. I love those small towns with the court house in the middle of a downtown. Wisconsin has several like that.
  2. What puzzles me is the design in the trunk. Most images I find are kind of a bulge in the middle and the kit is more like a depression. Was this a mistake on AMTs part?
  3. I just got this one today. Pic from EBay listing. Nice little kit. Odd thing...The kit came from a distance of about 20 miles from my home. I open the kit and a stamp inside the box lid says Marks Model Mart. plus the address and state which is in Phoenix. How far did this little box travel to eventually get to me? I can imagine several people saw and bought this and sold off several times by different people. It found it's forever home with me.
  4. As most Barris cars are. But the ZZR had a place in a spy/surf spoof movie, and that makes it worth while. The Fire wazzits? Not so much.
  5. I do want to know if the Capri version had the rear window in the convex style instead of just hanging the Mustang window back there?
  6. I don't know about the Astro but the ZZR was changed into a firefighter themed show rod and changed forever.
  7. Nicely done. My opinion would be to ashcan the Vette emblem stickers on the outer body and try and find the similar decals.
  8. The C1 flairs are better looking and the S20 engine would be awesome.
  9. I went to the LHS and no 64 Olds yet. They did have the Ford LTL 9000.
  10. I made the offer of $50 on the Jordan. Got messaged back a "no thanks". LOL. I think more should offer the seller $50 and see what he does.
  11. I need a rear bumper from a 1966 Chrysler 300. Also need a 1960 Plymouth dashboard from the wagon kit.
  12. When Ertl brought that out, you had to heat swage the front axles to capture the wheel on their kits. Looks like Round2 changed that to a slotted peg to just snap on the wheel.
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