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  1. That sucks. I've had similar instances which is why I made the offer to get it while the getting was good.
  2. That's the only one I have as well. In fact I have two of them and a off brand version by Lee
  3. So I walk into my pharmacy where I get my meds and he has a shelf with model cars in there. Been there awhile and I think I'm the only one who has ever bought a model off that shelf. I know the owner has been wanting to dedicate that shelf to something else as he isn't going to stock any more kits. I asked what kind of discount I would get if I bought all the kits left (6 kits) on that shelf. He tells me 30%. I says Great! I will buy them. So I wound up with a Revell 67 Chevelle, Revell COPO Nova, AMT 1/32 scale 66 Mustang, MPC 80s Camaro, Revell 57 Chevy newer tool, and a Revell 32 Ford. All
  4. Which Phrozen printer do you use?
  5. Just remember on these early issues the side windows are shaped wrong. The bottom sill isn't to slope upwards toward the windshield at all. It should be parallel to the ground front to rear. An easy fix.
  6. I know exactly where that is. I have family in Oostburg.
  7. I had to drive up to Horicon Wisconsin to take care of a legal matter relating to my over exuberance of hustling down the highway. Anyway, this area will be my new home soon as I am moving to the area. I am going to live in Theresa which is a very small village in Wisconsin. Mayville is the larger city near by that has the grocery store and other places needed for my food and other stuff. Not the usual place to find a hobby shop of sorts, but I did. Called the Tinkerer's Shoppe, they have different things for crafters, rocketry, gemologists, board games, and yes....Model cars. A small collecti
  8. Looks like it could compete with the Chevy Colorado and it's GMC stable mate.
  9. 1968-69 Buick Skyark/Special/GS. Great little hardtop or coupe. My Grandfather had a 69 Skylark Custom (new) and I had a 69 Special Deluxe coupe (used). Best looking cars of the intermediate class. The addition of Canadian trim to any of the American cars that had it. Beaumont, Acadian, Canso for the GMs and Rideau, Meteor for Ford plus Mercury pickup trucks, and Fargo for Dodge trucks.
  10. The details you added look great. I love the engine. The work you did on the tail lamp panel is awesome.
  11. This is a drawing I did for a DJ morning personality that was in my home town of Milwaukee. She was leaving for Phoenix to work at KSLX 100.7. She just bought a new car so I drew it for her. Here she is posing on her hood.
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