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  1. Alright, thank you! I may just 3d print my own since then I can make sure they will fit the wheels I am using.
  2. As the title states, are there any resin casters out there making these Chevy/GMC hubcaps?
  3. I am looking for a version of the 1/12 Bel Air kit, unbuilt (preferred), started, or possibly even built. I have a thread going on my 1/8 1985 Corvette that I would like to trade, I will repeat here that it is in good shape and complete, the parts are just all loose and there isn't the original box.
  4. They re-released that kit several years back as an Ed Roth themed kit. I got one to build as a gift for my dad to replicate his build of the original issue of this kit. Let me tell you that the opening parts are not great, and it had flash for days.
  5. I know that 252" is the top end of the wheelbase for that configuration, but I know some people were saying that the kit seemed short which is why I was wondering what the kit itself scales out to.
  6. I have repaired the broken pieces and confirmed that all the parts are there.
  7. Bit of a bump, but I just picked up this kit recently and I have been looking at how other people have built it up. I see that some have lengthened the frame, and I know that the real truck had a range of wheelbases for this cab/drive configuration. Does anyone know what the original kit wheelbase is (approximately) supposed to be?
  8. To be fair, I think Joseph's (Fireball) conversion surpasses anything that would come from Moebius if they decided to make a 250/350 version of the kit.
  9. For those that have built this, how well does it go together?
  10. Revell’s full detail Peterbilt 359 kit. I’m guessing this is a repop of an older kit based on what I see at Scalemates?
  11. This kit is still available for trades! I’m fine with started/partially built kits too.
  12. I mean the 1/25 kit isn't too far off, it only has the rear doors open and doesn't have the engine detailing parts, but it does also have a fairly detailed interior, and full chassis and engine. Being 1/16 scale certainly does help this one though and it would be cool to see it released again.
  13. I know I've seen this kit on ebay before. Does anyone know if it's just an enlarged version of their 1/25 custom van kit? It certainly resembles it in some ways.
  14. Most likely, do you have some pictures?
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