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  1. No updates for this month, but I'm still in as well. Been very busy with life issues.
  2. Very nice build! I like the colors and the Pete and tanker together. You did an outstanding job on this combo! Like the others, I want this combo too! Thanks for posting it!
  3. Just checking in for the month. Unfortunately I have no progress to report at this time. I hope to get ordering a few aftermarket parts for it next month. Jeff
  4. That's a nicely built truck. I like the color and the scratch-built toter body you put on it. Really cool!
  5. You have a really nice collection of trucks. I am enjoying thumbing through the posts looking at them!
  6. I like it too! This is a really cool looking truck and the white with blue frame is eye catching
  7. I like the big bunk COEs in your collection. Rick , you have a nice assortment of trucks! This group of your models is my favorite.
  8. I want to thank the following modelers for being true gentlemen and having taken a chance. I say this because we all know the horrors of being "taken" when your intent is to help by taking a chance to support someone and we don't even know the other person. A big "THANKS" to those that went out of their way to help me and give up some of their prized parts/kits and money in the process. Some guys didn't want anything in return. YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Here is my list: Old Buckaroo - Sean ZIL 111V - Paul GrumpyGrowly - Jonathan Purepmd - Mark Cappy625 - Tony Doobie - Dave AlanGarber - Alan Chu -
  9. One more off the bench. This puts me closer to working on my Build Off rig.
  10. If those KWs had those stripes as decals, I don't think Hobby stores would have a hard time keeping those kits on the shelves! Nice artwork!
  11. This is a very nice build. So real...I like the flatbed on the truck with the hidden 5th wheel. My Grandfather had two of these trucks in his construction business and I used to ride in them with him. One had a dump box and the other was a stake bed. I like everything about it!
  12. This is one of the finest scratch built garbage trucks I have ever seen! Simply outstanding in everyway! This is a really an awesome model! I wish I had half our talent and eye for detail! The Ln series used as refuse trucks are still running in my neck of the woods.
  13. Nice job! I like the look without the visor! Looks like a truck an old farmer would use to haul his grain trailer once a month. That is a nice looking Kenworth!
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