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  1. Excellent work!! Paint, decals--all excellent!!
  2. If you can find it, I recommend Testor's acrylic Aircraft Interior black.
  3. Thanks, Dave, for the response. I did find out the color, and I hope the information is accurate. What I found out was that the car was black. It will make for an interesting SS Galaxie.
  4. Can anyone tell me what color the Willis Ford lightweight '63 Galaxie was? All I can find are b&w photos of the car. Willis Ford was in Waterbury, VT. Thanks!
  5. It would be nice if Tamiya would expand their color range, particularly now that Model Master is no more.
  6. Looks great! What brand and color is the blue you used? Looks like a good match for the decals.
  7. Tamiya makes a spray called "Bare metal" AS-12. Never tried it, but that might work for ya.
  8. What do you suggest for an enamel brush cleaner?
  9. How about a '63 Falcon Sprint, a '64 Nova SS with the 283 option, and a '65 Dodge Dart GT? Three kind of below-the-radar mini muscle cars with nifty styling.
  10. Thanks everyone! Appreciate the good ideas...
  11. I'm using the Y-block that comes with the kit. I'd like to replicate a mid 60s street racer that a kid on a budget might put together...312 with a 3 speed.
  12. I thought of SBC headers, too, but I'm having no luck with that idea. The ones I like the best--Revell '69 Camaro Z-28, Revell '69 Nova 350, and AMT '66 Nova--won't work. The '57 Ford front end dictates something that sweeps back before down. The Revell Ford suspension and a motor mount crossbar won't allow for headers to drop down then back. I've also tried some other variations in my parts box, but, same story. I even pulled out some of the old Johan Maverick pro stock headers. I'd like to find that someone has produced some resin headers for this kit, and I just haven't heard of them
  13. I'm looking for ideas for headers for the Revell '57 Ford. I want to build a period street racer, so the fender well headers from the gasser are not what I'm after. Anyone have any ideas, clues or tips regarding inside the frame headers for the '57 Ford? Thanks
  14. Good eye detailing the gas cap to match the paint job!
  15. I saw a Fisker Karma today in New Braunfels, Texas. I had to drive a circle around it once to take it all in. Interesting car...
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