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  1. That's a great build Adam, an unusual colour choice and very nice. Dave B
  2. Nice building Bruce, looks the part. The old Merit kits do build nicely, especially with Herb Deeks wire wheels. Dave B
  3. Great build Rich, glad your recovery has gone well. We have been Covid free for 9 months over here in Tassie!! Dave B
  4. I agree with the above, very nicely done. Dave B
  5. Well I have finally finished my 3D filament print body of the first iteration of the Shadow Mk2. First I must thank my mate Phil for the body and his friend Vlad for the file. Had great fun finding appropriate bits for it but it is my take only on it and not strictly accurate. Pete Lyons great book Shadow was invaluable. Painted in auto acrylic black and clear coated with decals by Patto. Tks for looking Dave B
  6. Great build Gary, I also thought the first pic was the real deal, sucked me right in!! Tks for posting. Dave B
  7. Andrew, I am extremely jealous, what a great kit to have!! Dave B
  8. That is an extremely professional build Tomasz, love it. Dave B
  9. Hi Dave, I have spoken to my mate that did the body for me and he has no intention of marketing commercially, sorry. Tks Rich, it's coming along nicely, have been going through my resin box and gathering generic bits for it. Hardest part was the front wheels and tyres but still being into 1/32 slot cars I made them out of Fly Ferrari 512 rear wheels and my mate cast some urethane tyres. Size is spot on according to Pete Lyons Shadow book. Have to cut the struts of the rear wing and angle inwards but won't do this until I have done the chassis and mounted the gearbox as this is where the
  10. Undoubtedly they will be great builds William, nothing less is expected of you!! What brand is the grey body, the 2A with the 2C style rear wing? Dave B
  11. Hi Bill, looking good, colour wise my understanding is Wyer used Triumph Powder Blue. It is a '50s TR3 colour. Dave B
  12. Great build Salih. Love the real thing and your model looks the part. Dave B
  13. My mate has just given me a Shadow Mk11 off his new 3D filament printer. It included the rear engine cover, but this has printed inside out, cross over injection with the rear wing yet to come. It needs a fair bit of work around the back panels and rear wheel arches but the body is generally a lot better than the March 707 he gave me. I have already sourced the correct front, with a bit of work, and rear wheels and tyres having checked the size in Pete Lyons great book on Shadow, and cast my generic interior. I will start work on the body shortly and make a styrene rear engine cover, if nec
  14. Looks good Bruce, blue is very hard to photograph. Dave B
  15. Oops, missed one. You now have a very nice collection William, congratulations. Dave B
  16. It's nice to see one in a different paint scheme, nice build William. Dave B
  17. Great builds William, nice to see the pancake hood on Jim Hall's car. Dave B
  18. Have all but finished the body my mate printed for me on his cheap 3D filament printer, lucky for me he has just bought a new state of the art printer, but it is still filament. I'm just waiting on 2 more decals for the sides but thought I would post it anyway. Had a lot of fun making a 'kit' out of it. Went through my resin parts box for all the pieces and made a buck so I could vacform a windscreen. Finished in auto acrylic and Patto's decals. Tks for looking. Dave B
  19. That is a nice pick up Rex, looking forward to seeing that built. Dave B
  20. Looks good to me Bruce, I am not looking forward to doing my Tamiya kit for the self same reasons!! Think i will stick to doing the odd scratch built, it's easier!! Dave B
  21. Tks guys, Rich yours looks good even though it is a basic kit. My decals have arrived so should be finished over the next couple of weeks. My mate has just bought a brand new printer and has promised me a Shadow MkII body so may be in a position to post the bare body in a few weeks. Better start going through my bits for wheels, etc. Dave B
  22. Just waiting on Patto's decals to decide the final livery. In the meantime I'll keep working on my scratchbuilt Cox bodied Cheetah and a Maserati 8CTF. Tks for looking. Dave B
  23. Always enjoy seeing your Cobras William, another great build. Dave B
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