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  1. I was going to mention Submarine Voyage, but apparently it came back as Nemo's Submarine Voyage so I guess it is possible the Flying Saucers could come back. I was in submarine training at the time, so it was a pretty cool ride. I could have ridden it all day. It turns out that the Disneyland ride wasn't anything like the Navy ride. Were the Flying Saucers like an air hockey table?
  2. The 1957 Thunderbirds had an available pale pink color called "Dusk Rose". Nowhere near as loud as that box art bird. Reminds me of my grandparent's bathroom. In the early 70's. they wanted to paint it a very pale salmon pink, so they ran up to the hardware store and bought the paint. They applied the paint, and it was about the hottest pink you could imagine. "Well, it's because the paint is wet. The color will probably be right when it dries". Twenty years later, you still broke a sweat going into the bathroom. Still a very hot, vibrant pink. The same thing may have happened with th
  3. Nice Caddy, but the Fordor Thunderbird behind it is what intrigues me.
  4. Why does the dragstrip have a curve in it?
  5. The two I absolutely cannot stand are Pepto-Bismol and Charmin. Those are the most disgusting commercials on TV now. Mr. Whipple must be spinning in his grave.
  6. It sounds to me like you have an MPC annual. One of the options was a "station wagon" which required removing the trunk lid and interior package shelf. They provided a station wagon roof and interior bed for it.
  7. It sounds like this is what you are talking about: No. it's not my car (though I do have a model of it in progress), just something I found on the internet. This particular car has an airbag suspension which can be adjusted in height over a pretty good range. IIRC, it goes from ground level to higher than stock, and can be adjusted while driving. The hydraulics often found on traditional low-riders work pretty much the same way. Things are not always as they appear. I do tend to like the "driveable" models better.
  8. I didn't know what it is either. Interesting product and company - nothing like a 850-1300 HP boost. Turbonique - Wikipedia Check out the second External Link in that article. Lot of ads and tech manuals.
  9. "It takes all kinds of critters to make Farmer Vincent's fritters." - Motel Hell, 1980 This is the first movie I saw on HBO, and the plot is very similar to your documentary.
  10. OK, I'll buy that. I thought it was added later in the run, but it was there from the beginning. Apparently it did reduce the tendency to do a stoppie.
  11. Wouldn't those old Econolines do that stock by just slamming on the brakes?
  12. Tamiya also did a full detail Jeep Cherokee kit about the same time or a bit before. Very nice kit. I think they did a Wrangler also - I can't think of any other American cars done by Tamiya.
  13. Something to look at is the AMT 71 Thunderbird. The 67-71s were very similar in interior and chassis. I've got the same idea, and that's what I'm planning. Some rough fittings were very encouraging.
  14. That looks great and very smooth. I like it a lot.
  15. Perfect! Thank you so much - those were a huge help. What I should have done is to rotate the top part (that converts to the pallette). What I did was to lift the catch straight up. I'll try again - the right way this time.
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