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  1. Wow, I hope these come out soon. I'm a big AMC fan!
  2. I've been gone off here for 7 years. Just getting back into the hobby again.
  3. Well my offer still stands,.....Feel free to contact me in a PM,I'll give you my number to discuss it further.
  4. Very nicely done,The color combo looks perfect on this,Very period correct...I used to see a lot of GM cars around this area when I was growing up...Excellent build.....Now I need to finish my '71 and '72 using the same modelhaus parts. Awesome Olds!
  5. WOW,Beautiful build......Everything looks right...And the paint, flawless.....I have a '69 Lemans in the works.....I used the monogram GTO for the interior,'69 442 chassis,And the polar lights '64 for the 400 engine,that had to be modified abit to look right,Awesome build my friend...It looks spot on.
  6. I'm 30 miles away,If Kevin,Jeff or Kris can come get me to help........I'LL GLADLY HELP WITH ORDERS,Outta the kindness of my heart....get better my friend!
  7. Sounds like a nice project,I have a hardtop kit I've been toying with off and on for afew years,I still haven't decided on a color combo yet.I'll be watching your build for sure!
  8. Does anyone make them..? The ones in the kits are for the Fury.
  9. I just ordered one, And the MPC Snap '69 Charger.....My first kits I have been able to afford for over six months..Also does the Cuda bumpers fit the old MPC kits?..I have a resin '70, and a '71 I'm restoring.
  10. Brush painted? How did you get it so smooth? Very nicely done!
  11. I Have a '78 Fury on my bench right now almost finished, It is being done as a factory stock, The color is the proper metallic mint green, With a dark green interior, I used the grill and Fury taillights from the Yodel New York City kit.
  12. As far as the grill inserts , A simple fix, Cut the correct ones from a spare revell '69 grill, Or use the MCG Detail set.
  13. Very Nice build, I have a resin one painted the same color, I need to finish, Great looking Demon.
  14. Mirrors?...I don't have the 64' dodge kit to swipe it out of, Yes the car still looks exactly the same, Thanks for pointing it out.
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