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  1. Just got two of the drop tops today and I was hoping for a resin hardtop. So now I'll just wait for this release and hope for a resin Vista Cruiser wagon conversion.
  2. Like when they're complaining about there no longer being photos in the thread? I had that happen to a few of my old Under Glass threads quite a while back. I was fighting the urge to suggest to the member "Well, maybe stop dredging up 12 year old threads". So, I guess I'll indirectly suggest it here and now. 🤣
  3. After the lump of disappointment that was the E-Type Jaguar (glad I wasn't excited for that one), I have to say I wasn't in a huge hurry to get around to the Land Rover Series III I had sitting around on the shelf since the kit came out. I'm glad I finally tore into it, as I think it's probably the best automotive kit Revell has ever done. Well, at least in modern times. Who needs "Tamiya-like" when you can have "Revell Germany on a good day-like"? Out of character for me, I built the long wheelbase mostly box stock, aside from some ignition wiring and a Michigan plate reading NCC1701, to
  4. Looks good to me. But in the near decade since I've pondered this potential purchase (guy still had the kit as of 2017, by the way), I've managed to accumulate a number of MPC Monza promos, so if my Skyhawk drag car ever gets put to plastic I'm probably going to start from there.
  5. Just got mine today. At the risk of stating the painfully obvious... if you have any of the '72 Blazer reissues, you'll be in very familiar territory. It is largely the exact same kit, aside from the grille. As mentioned before, the grille isn't quite right, it's almost like nobody at AMT actually took a look at the GMC grille. Or maybe a disgruntled former GMC stylist ended up making patterns for AMT? Who knows. A little thin D-strip around the upper edge and sides of the grille will help a great deal with making the grille look a tad more realistic. It has the visible mounting pins for the h
  6. Here we have the AMT '63 Chevrolet Nova, fitted with the turbo six from a '95 Toyota Supra, SSR Star Shark wheels and low profile tires from Aoshima, and a tweaked ride height. The paint is Testors Pure Gold. I hit it with a Krylon flat clear that I knew would splotch the paint and give it a weathered look. I found out that the Toyota six requires a bit less fitment work to get into the car than a stock six from a Trumpeter Nova. I really wish Round 2 had gone the extra two or three steps and provided a stock six cylinder for this kit, but it is what it is I guess. At least the provided e
  7. Exactly what I'm saying. And all of that's before you take into account wear and tear on the mold, something that won't apply to a newer kit for a while.
  8. Love it! My grandfather had a Model TT (one ton model T) flatbed and a couple of old wood stoves like that- he could have done a 1:1 scale diorama of your model. And while this kit may be fragile when dropped, just be glad it wasn't a Heller Ferguson. Those things explode...
  9. Well, I've got a couple. The first are a couple cars I really like from a manufacturer I really don't- General Motors. First off, the '67 full size Chevrolets. I don't care about trim level or body style... Chevrolet's design team got everything right on this design. I'm a Ford guy and even I had one for about a year. Kinda wish I'd kept it as being a four door hardtop I might have been able to sell it for a bit more today by charging the Supernatural Tax. I mean yes, the car itself is hot garbage but... just look at one sometime. And of course there's a car that I reme
  10. Lofty expectations for a fifty year old kit, wouldn't you say?
  11. Some time ago I saw a Forester treated to a 5.0 swap, so it's totally possible.
  12. 2020 was Year Of The Crew Cab for me. This was a Modelhaus kit I got earlier in the year. It represents a worn out old rig, repowered with a late model engine, a 5.7 Hemi from a 300C in this case. I kept it box stock aside from the engine, 8 bolt wheels (from Scenes Unlimited), and the steering wheel from a '78 LRT, as the original wheel was damaged and my attempt to repair it was less than successful. Only bad part is, with Modelhaus gone, I can't go out and order two more.
  13. I wasn't even taking the wind turbines into consideration, but yeah, it works.
  14. I have (possibly) that same brochure, but I can't remember ever seeing a factory 4 wheel drive long bed crew. But again, since it's a Frankenstein monster built I didn't give it much thought beyond that. ?
  15. This started as the 70 4x4 kit. It was converted to a crew cab using a section of cab and interior from a second kit. It was also converted to a leaf spring front suspension with cut down rear leaf springs. The 8 bolt wheels came from Scenes Unlimited, completing the 3/4 ton conversion. The plow came from a Revell GMC, with a flasher from a Lindberg Crown Vic pressed into service as an LED light bar. You couldn't get an 8' bed on a crew cab from the factory in 1970, but since this truck was obviously built from bits of numerous others, I figured I could get away with it. The bed also tilts! Th
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