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  1. This will be the second version of the kit, I wouldn't say final or full detail to describe it. Yes, it will have an actual engine plus a trailer and many other parts just like the original customizing kit did. You could never compare it to a modern full detail kit with separate everything, I think expanded parts count better describes it. It's everything you liked about the first issue plus a lot more. -Steve
  2. The pan notch wouldn't work in this case, The six cylinder engine sits deep enough in the chassis to require a hole through the engine block which I'm pretty sure was eliminated for the upcoming issue. Still no need to totally scratch build a wheel mounting pin, if you take a trip to your local hardware store or home-center you'll find there's a finishing nail size that's the perfect substitute for making stub axles or pins, just trim them to length. You might even already have some if your the household handyman like me. Of course since I switched to an air-nailer a few years back I ca
  3. Those release dates are approximate at best. The AMT 1971 Ford Mustang Mach I will be molded in white this time and includes an expanded decal sheet with more stripe options. The AMT 1937 Chevy "Salt Shaker" will have it's unique parts restored. -Steve
  4. This is a pre-production sample built by Mike Wherry. There's everything in it to build it as a 442 except the sway bar, along with all the original parts. The 442 related parts are newly tooled added pieces. For those who want to build it like the original F85 Cutlass kit just shave the 442 badges and use the original drivetrain parts still included. You could call it a 4n1 as I'm told the extra parts will be mentioned in the instructions somewhere. Box Art is loosely based on the the original '64 F85 Cutlass annual issue. I hope this clears up any confusion. -Steve
  5. Hi Casey, The Model King builds are fairly easy to list as I still have them all; '64 Plymouth's Light Blue/white 6cyl, Copper Met. V8 (MK/Lindberg) Pearl White-Blue Fade Olds Pro Stock "Chill Factor" (MK/Revell) Nostalgic Drag Set Black '79 Ford Bronco and Trailer (MK/AMT) Med Blue Met. '78 Ford pickup (MK/AMT) Butternut Yellow '70 Buick Wildcat (MK/AMT) Sherwood Green '59 Imperial Conv. (MK/AMT) Yellow-green 72 Chevy Blazer (MK/AMT) I'm a little fuzzier on the Hawk-Lindberg builds as Jodi didn't return a lot of them as agreed, but the ones I remember are; Police Chargers, Texas
  6. Yes, the Bruce Larson 74 Vega should be out in August but it's the Stock '64 Olds Cutlass 442 - F85 Hardtop not the Streaker AWB that's next. Unfortunately the AWB chassis for that kit is long gone and would need to be cloned if there's any hope of bringing it back. -Steve
  7. I agree with Mark, most of the issue is in the windshield opening, Dave is aware of it and will work to get it corrected. That's the point of test shots is to look for issues before production ramps up. Although not everything is necessarily correctable after the tooling is cut, I think this one will get fixed. -Steve
  8. Looks like test shots of the Moebius 65 Chevy II drag version to me. Probably not going to be the first release though. If they stick to their normal game plan I would expect you'll see a stock Chevy II version available fourth quarter of this year, assuming no unusual delays. Steve
  9. Looks like the 10 hole wheels are optional per the test shot photos and Tim's original comments. -Steve
  10. I'd say that the tooling questions on the Nova Wagon have been clearly answered. Thanks Mike and Tim !!
  11. Casey, I can tell you for a fact that it's 100% new tooling created by cloning the original parts. It was created and tooled at a location that didn't have access to what was left of the old tools. Any injector pin marks or similar artifacts that appear to line up are pure coincidence in the tooling process. The upcoming Transtar CO4070A Cabover release is also 100% all new and it was done with same process at the same location. You can bet you'll see more new releases like this coming from Round2 in the near future. -Steve
  12. Actually the official Government Holiday started on Feb 11 and ran until Feb 17 . Manufacturing shuts down there anywhere from two to four weeks and many Chinese workers use this shutdown time to change jobs so there's a hiring and ramp-up time to consider. Closest comparison in the US would be Auto Plant shutdowns for model changeover. CNY is nothing like our typical three day holiday weekend. Steve
  13. Typically kits are available around six weeks after the the productions samples are received. Based on when this thread started you'd be looking at the end of March or early April assuming the Chinese New Year Holiday didn't delay the shipping. Distribution will start from their West Coast Warehouse. Steve
  14. No hints here Casey, just coincidence as far as I know. I'm a big fan of both Municipal and Work vehicles in scale and would encourage Round2 to do more if given the chance. It wouldn't take that much more work to bring us that Indiana State Patrol 67 Impala as a kit though. -Steve
  15. With a combination of the S/N and SS Impala kits you would have a great start on building one of these Indiana State Patrol '67 Impala's. It even makes use of the bumper guards the front corner lamps. The only think I don't I 've seen in scale are those Police Package Center caps.
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