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  1. Besides the body and tin, everything in the McEwen car was in the Olds, the Mustang and Tempo. Yes a few differences such as wheels but parts interchange. What would be really cool would be if Atlantis could mold up some new bodies for this chassis. Yes not a 100% accurate but it would be really cool to have a body to work with. Seriously with one new sprue, and the body and tins, this could get you 85% to today's funny cars.
  2. Yep in the same photo as the gas tank. I also would attempt to make a new spindle before trading the kit. What is pictured doesn't seem that accurate and shouldn't be hard to fabricate a better replacement.
  3. Even if its odorless I'd use a paint booth to limit the possibility of breathing the fumes.
  4. Could they have the last Revell molds and just be updating them to the new body? I know many believe the last Revell glue kits were the best Nascar kits released.
  5. Thanks....I love bikes! I also tip my hat to ranma.....perfect trade.
  6. Has anyone seen the reissue Hemi Under Glass at local shops or Hobby Lobby? I need two or three. I'd rather use the new plastic versus the gray goo the last reissues were molded in.
  7. Can you post the newsletter or send me a PM with it included?
  8. I'd like to get another VW. Yesterday I went to three stores; Mt. Sterling, Ky, Huntington, and Dunbar WV. I found a few snap kit Mercs, Camaro concepts and Chrysler 300s. Oh, well.
  9. I bet when all Ollie's has to offer are Lindberg Stagecoaches, Civil War and Snark missiles, they limit buyers to ONE kit of each. 🤪
  10. Well, aren't you the bee's knees? Seriously, many objects we need for our replicas can be scratch built if we can just take some time and break the object down into its basic shapes.
  11. I'd love for a tutorial on how you built the body......very nice work.
  12. Wow....that's a huge upgrade.
  13. So when are you going to post pics of the model car?
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