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  1. First off I have to apologize for being so long between updates on this project. Struck a deal on the house we want, closing was pushed off till possibly this Friday, possibly Saturday. Once that goes through the moving will begin around May 21st. So this project is sorta a mind releaser between packing up the house and dealing with the repairs needed on the new house. SO, with that said let's get on to the update shall we? Well the Support "ribs" bars are sanded/filed down to a more believable size and then puttied to seal any gaps and cracks and blend it to the roof. I was going to open b
  2. I'm gonna have to check into the local Railroad Hobby Shops around here and see if I can find these scale nutz and bolts as I see more and more modellers using them! This build is absolutely going to be gorgous when you are done. The attention to detail is TOP NOTCH! Keep up the great work! I can't wait to see more!!!
  3. I like it!! Totally rockin' build! Everything blends poetically together and is a pure peice of modelling art! Keep up the great building skills! I LUVS IT!
  4. This is lookin' awesome! I can't wait to see more. These old ambulances like this are stunning and rare to see in 1:25th scale. Keep us updated! I can't wait to see more.
  5. Blue Devil's paint is from an old stock of paint he had in the garage (Surprised it was still good after all these years). It's a custom mix from Dupont Paints Division. If I remember right it's called Quasar Blue Pearl. It is both a micro flake and pearl paint which gives it a smooth finish without the "curse." Thanx for the compliments to everyone who responded. It keeps this modeller motivated.
  6. Lookin' good TonyT I agree with Jairus, a touch lower in the rear and it's perfect! Keep them updates comin'! I can't wait to see more.
  7. Steve this is gettin' better and better every update!! Keep up the great work! I can't wait to see how this one turns out. Go man Go w/ one arm you are sure knockin' this out! Keep it up!
  8. I agree with Jairus. Y'all are nutz! But so am I, so look for a new update soon on the Dual Cab. I'm gettin' there, thank God I got a little less than a year to go. I'm havin' too much fun on the body work!
  9. Still lookin' really awesome man! I love how you are workin' this one out without any major hiccups (so far) I can't wait to see what all you do to it. Keep us posted, I'm watchin' for sure!!
  10. Lookin' good! I remember these trucks when I was growin' up. Hard to find a show close anymore. Great start! I'm sure you'll do this justice either way you go. Keep us posted! I like it!
  11. Well I'm makin' some headway. I got the cabs joined via a piece of styrene between the two sections then I "plasti-puttied" it with some homemade Plastic Putty I made. Once dry enogh I sanded it down and then took spot putty and very thinly layed the roof and filled in any holes. I should have slowed down and took pics of this. That was a neat thing for me to try. I got the "support ribs" glued down, redid the drip rails, and now waitin' for that to dry thoroughly so I can sand them down to proper size and such before doing any touch up. Well here's pics and enough of my gabbin'. Hope y'all ar
  12. Lookin' good! I like the details you are putting into this build! I can't wait to see more. Keep on buildin'!
  13. Nice start! I like the colours and the tires jus' fit this build perfectly so far! Keep up the great work! I can't wait to see more.
  14. Outstanding Scratchbuilding!! This truck is gonna be Top Notch Kick Butt AWESOME! Keep the updates comin'! I Like what I see and can't wait to see more!
  15. I've seen "Limos" with as many as 8 doors (4 per side) but the norm being 4 (2 per side) UNLESS it's a Late Airport Limo, which is commonly known as the "Mourning Funeral Limo" by today's standards, which the number of doors could be endless even if it was straining on the frame. I think a li'l History Lesson of the Limo is in order shall we? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limousine Space Cowboy, Go Man Go! I can't wait to see whatcha do with this wonderful ideas! I'm waiting patiently to see more. * TWO THUMBS UP!!"
  16. Ok after have a royal fight tryin' to make the "eggcrate" section of the grill I decided to pull out the other grill, drill out the "chrome eyeballs" do a bit of swapping things around, and do some Indian Tattoo Ink treatment on it. The cabs are permenantly joined together and I gotta decide if I'm gonna attempt fate and go to the next level or leave it alone. Anyways! The bowtie isn't painted blue in the centre as I'm not pullin' my model paints out from the bottom of the pile of boxes in the spare room. Enjoy the pics! Joined Cabs: clear lenses with reflector caps in the back:
  17. Ok, this "eggcrate section of grill is really starting to get under my skin and other things around the house aren't helping. I've tried to make 6 jigs to make the grill and NOT one has come out well due to UNFORSEEN things like a Phone (Telemarketers), The other half (callin' every 2 minutes, "YOU OK?"), and the ignant weather (power went out after a nice crack of lightning)! I might pull out the second grill and jus' drill out the "chrome Eyeballs," transfer my headlight buckets, and call it good! I'm gonna see what happens with this last jig before I do anything drastic. OH! I do have the
  18. Dude! That's sweet!!! Great job! I wish I could find a few of those tricked out kits like that around here. Keep up the great building, I'm droolin' over this one!
  19. That's a MAJOR transformation and I have to say I really like it! Great job especially on the roof extension in the rear!!! I see you used a couple more Imp's to get things in line. Excellent execution! Keep it up 'cause I can't wait to see more!
  20. Lookin' good! The roofs came out perfect! The engines and airgrabbers are gonna be stunning in between the inner fenders. Excellent idea on the "heat shrink!" You are doing poetic justice to these cars! Keep it up! I'm watchin' with Mopar Antisipation!!
  21. Headlights are Mercedes, wheels look like those from Vette Agin or AlterNomad (both Thom Taylor and both kits are obtainable), hood scoops are can be obtained from a Charger/Challenger (both cars had them) or you can try and scratch it. Bumper mods are gonna be simple and so will the convertible conversion. Found this on Ebay. Might be an idea. http://cgi.ebay.com/24237-TAMIYA-Mercedes-Benz-CLK-DTM-00-Model-Kit-1-24-/320521829837?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4aa096fdcd
  22. The headlights are from my 1950/60's parts box. I seperate them out so I can find things easily. I believe they came from a 57 Ford but don't quote me.
  23. Lookin' good! Nice fill on the tailgate and graftin' the cowl hood addition to the stock hood. Can't wait to see more. Great motor btw.
  24. Jus' an observation. I think I would have started out with the 1978 Corvette Pace Car for this subject. I can't wait to see more on this. I liked the movie and I can't wait to see what direction you take this build. Let's see more.
  25. I used a small drill bit in the "notches" at the top and bottom by the headlight trim rings and very gently with the back of a brand new Xacto knife blade close to the edges score it till I cut through it. I left everything unaltered to give the grill trim surroundings strength to avoid breakage. I might file them at a small angle to hide them once the "Eggcrate" is back in place. HTH I know Jairus. Well back to the modelling desk to mate the cabs together.
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