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  1. It is a SlotCar built off an AMT Camaro kit
  2. Good stuff! Where did the resin bumper covers come from?
  3. Len, They look like Pro Trak slotcar wheels
  4. Once you rework the entire front clip and headlight/grill/bumper assy' to fender fitment it is not that terrible. The mold quality on this piece has not gotten better over time, that is for sure. Great body color! This is definitely one of those kits that we love to hate.
  5. For only being your 3rd build you are on your way for sure! Great work on the interior!
  6. Not to hijack, but any known active clubs in the Northern area of the state (Longmont, Boulder, Loveland, etc.?)*
  7. Summary text at the end of the video states that all were applied over a black base coat. I have only used Spaz Stix once thus far, but the results are incredible. I used Tamiya gloss black lacquer for my base coat with zero issues. I may try Curt's tip with using a royal blue base as that may soften it finish for some other parts. I will not give up on Alclad, but for sheer brightness the Spaz Stix has my vote.
  8. Tyrone, What paint and color is that on the chassis?
  9. He will not get a fair trial as opinions and a non understanding of the racing environment will be a large determining factor with the outcome. My question is this, if the 2 were battling in a race and Stewart crashed him and Ward died, would there still be legal actions? To me the answer is no and this situation should be treated the same. I am neutral in this situation, but do not feel there should be legal implications for actions on a race course.
  10. Thank you gentlemen, exactly what I am looking for.
  11. Anyone know of a decal set or maker that produces these? Looking for both black and white.
  12. I was never a bird fan until recently and yours is the exact reason why. Great build!
  13. Car is legit Tyrone! I know there are more time consumed details that I could be highlighting, but the rear wing is really nice.
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