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  1. Ok, I see you have met Ben Sorry Ben, couldn't resist. It was served up so neatly. I do have to be careful about commenting on unfinshed projects. I can hear a voice asking "are you the pot or the kettle?"
  2. Looks good Gordon. Looks like somebody got the "look but don't touch" talk:)
  3. Thanks for the comments guys. Monty Oregon doubles are otherwise known as Rocky Mountain doubles, where you have a full length semi trailer followed by a shorter pup trailer. Oregon set the maximum trailer length for this combo at 68'. The term super singles refers to wheels and tires, where a wider single wheel is used in place of duals. Anthony, I hope not. I'm done moving for a while.
  4. Been a while since I've posted between work changes and and a move. Starting to get back to modeling by making post move repairs. First up, is my Freightliner FLD with Oregon doubles. I originally built this 4-5 years ago. Tractor is almost straight from the box. Trailers are modified Italeri 48' van trailers that have been cut down to 40' and 28'. Dolly is modified from the US Mail kit.
  5. Finally finished this afternoon. The tractor was finished last December. Trailers are from an AMT Double Header kit and a third trailer from a US Mail kit. Wheels are Wicker two hole Budds. Pintle hitches, gladhands, electrical connections are from Platkit. The rear of the trailers were generally lacking in detail and looked like a flat piece of plastic. I therefore detailed the door frames with styrene and built new bumpers. The rear door panels were all individually separated then glued in place. The door cables are small diameter styrene rods, thread just wouldn't provide the corre
  6. A little more done on the trailers. As you can see from this shot, I used styrene to add detail to the rear of the simplified kit trailers. Pintle hitches are from Plaskit.
  7. Very nice Tim. Stil see the bakery droms here. Mainly on Freightliner COEs. Now you need to finish it off with the trailer.
  8. Thanks guys. As Leo pointed out they are not legal in the Central Valley. Not sure if there is enough room in my display case. It will be a tight fit if they do.
  9. Thanks Bob. Not really guts, just practice. The modifications on the tractor and the trailrs are fairly simple. No complex reworking of the cab or body. By the quality of work on your Volvo, you are well on your way.
  10. Very nice. Very true to the real trucks that they used to run. Are you going to build a traier for it?
  11. Very nice! The graphics really make that a stand out model.
  12. Here is an update on the System 99 project. Trailers! Still on the bench needing a lot more work.
  13. Looks good Josh. I think I hear "Give Me 40 Acres" playing in the back ground (Might be showing my age here).
  14. I think this article will answer your questions: http://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/model_magazine_articles/car_modeller/cm09_sept_1991_cate/cm_1991_09_sep_01.html#media
  15. Both are coming along nicely. Don't forget to add defrost drain lines to the reefer.
  16. Nicely done. I like the added detail of the Eastern style scroll work.
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