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  1. Chuck that is awesome! Best use of the nova kit I’ve seen yet , great build!
  2. Thanks 1959 ! Which is my birth year !! Can’t wait to see your 60 ford !
  3. Thanks everyone for all the comments! I really appreciate it !
  4. Yep I’m going to it and a couple others, hope to see ya there Dave !
  5. Thanks , been awhile since I’ve built anything.
  6. Hi guys, I haven’t posted anything for a while so I grabbed a kit off the shelf and put her together, This is a Thumpeter 1960 Bonneville, A first for me to build a Thumpeter Kit , It went together pretty well , I bought this as a not complete kit, missing its interior door cards and the rear seat , not a big problem, I made new doors cards with a white diamond tuck pattern and made a complete rear seat cover , the rest of the build went pretty smooth, shaved doors, French antennas, lowered and riding on a set of Pegasus Astro Supremes plus a pearl white base color with a candy teal fade and silver metal flake top give it a cool 1960’s vibe . All in all it’s a good kit and builds into a pretty decent look model, thanks for looking !
  7. All are top notch !! 2022 looks like a super year ! Here’s to 2023 !!
  8. gseeds

    2 for '22!

    Absolutely awesome looking builds !
  9. Wow !!! Beautiful build !
  10. Such a cool model , yours looks great !
  11. I have to agree, I’ve owned 5 real ‘57 chevys and 2 real ‘56 chevys, and as much as I like the look of the ‘57’s, I “love” the look of the ‘56 !!
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