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  1. 1/8 scale. There is a opening for the hood hinges, the real car does not have this opening.
  2. That's a classic businnes on the front and party on the back...
  3. Pretty cool fun car to drive! A friend had one and it is a lot of fun! Never saw this kit buid. Probably because of the lac of detail, or the year of the model. A friend built one years ago using this kit and a variety of parts from die case model.
  4. I kind of like it, but a the same time not. Maybe because of the two tone paint.
  5. Very nice job! I just saw your wip. Now I know why not a lot of people build it! The Boomerang too loos great!
  6. I used cardstock a loto when I build models. It is a great material anche easy to find around the house. I will not use white glue, because is water based, this mean that it will take a lot of time to dry, and also that can bend or deform what you are building. I usually use superglue or zap glue. About sanding, you can do it, but you need to remember that is cardstock, so it start to have a different texture as soon as you sand it. I usually use a 600 sand paper. THe cool thing is that you can use also putty on it. I use the Bondo brand. Another thing to keep in mind if you build
  7. That's pretty cool! Great bond for sure! Your daughter has a good teacher, and for sure she will be build model cars, but also appreciate the 1:1 more and more. Love the color combo she pichked, and the roof faint job is amazing!
  8. Year and years ago I was able to visit the factory...
  9. Cars and truck in general were right hand drive back then. I think they started with horses and buggy. The driver stop on the right side of the road and open the dor for let the people go out of the carriage. The chaffeur on cars did the same. On truck they said that having the steering wheels on the right allowedd the driver to see better the edge of the road, and it was easy to follow.
  10. Pretty cool small car! A friend of a friend invited us to see his car collection, many years ago. This gentleman had around 30 classic cars, all restored like new. One of this was the car in the picture. Pretty cool small car! Although I think from stock they have the front bumper.
  11. Glad to see another person from OR! Wlcome Vince!
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