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  1. Any "B" body Mopar(Dodge/Plymouth) from 1968-1970..Especially the 1968-69 year models..
  2. Not at this time, I'am hoping I can get down late 2021 or early 2022..My passport expires Dec 2023 so Canada owes me almost two years..Hope you do well at the show as I imagine you will..take care and stay healthy..
  3. Nicely done..Too bad you didn't paint the bottom of interior though..Doesn't matter unless you show it on a mirror..The part that counts look great and nicely done after a 50 year hiatus..
  4. Quite the interesting story..Have a friend who is on this site that built a mild custom of the Eldorado mentioned..Very nicely done Dennis Ezmerlian...When I tried to click off the site and finally did my computer was frozen for about 10 minutes..Was able to read story though..
  5. I find that a Mecum auction is a better experience than a BJ auction..You can actually get up close and see the cars/trucks..Remember on in Fargo about 15 years ago..Nice stuff and very good prices..
  6. Cover looks great..I know that Fury on the bottom..Built by a friend and followed on this site..Don't have distributer in Winnipeg Canada..Hope to subscribe soon.
  7. Let the paint settle for a week or so..Looks like you never lost any skills in missing 25 years..Very nice and the color sure Pops..
  8. In all the pictures no matter what age you see more General Motors vehicles..No wonder they were #1 in the old days, pre 1990
  9. Very nice, stance and colors look good..Never been a fan though of continental kits on any cars..Your Edsel is going to be a "killer"..Excellent.
  10. With new ones people would like how about the 67 Skylark 2 dr ht..Would be a huge seller..
  11. Very nice, probably better than the purists would like..Very nicely done and super clean..
  12. Oh the days of Plastic wood as filler..
  13. Definately NOT my style but the workmanship and quality work is unbelievable..Excellent execution on something you'd never expect from a 69 Charger..This will be one that won't be forgotten..Should be a stand out at shows when your able to go to shows..FANTASTIC build..
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