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  1. OK...here are a few pix on where I'm at so far. Got the interior done with a combination of Tamiya Wood Deck Tan, craft paints and India ink. Instrument cluster is a decal I created using the tracing option in Adobe Illustrator. Chassis is flat black primer weathered with craft paints and a wash made with India ink/windshield washer fluid/mod podge. Exhaust is Tamiya Titanium Silver with tip done in DecoColor Premium silver metallic paint marker - "poor man's Molotow" The license plate I made in Adobe Illustrator printed on a decal sheet. The "41 Years" indicates the time from f
  2. Hey all... After a few (failed) attempts at getting back into modeling over the last 30 years, I decided to work on a model that was (almost) the first model I ever attempted building: a Toyota SR5 snap kit. The original one 41 years ago was a Revell kit but that one doesn't seem to exist anymore (not even on Ebay). So the next best thing was the AMT 1980 SR5 kit. Despite left-hand tremors and bouts of discouragement, I'm determined to finish it - and continue onto others. Stay tuned!
  3. How did you get those seats to look like real leather? Gotta know...
  4. That is FANTASTIC! Ever since I was a kid I always liked those, especially the interior. Great job!
  5. I'm working on this one right now. Wish the interior detail was more prominent, but I'll make something decent out of it (hopefully)
  6. VHT Epoxy Paint has a nice satin black finish; might not be "semi-gloss" enough though...
  7. I like how you turned a swing set frame into an engine hoist for the mustang
  8. I spent hundreds of hours of my childhood with Lego. You've done well!!!
  9. God bless you Dan! You're teaching her a LOT more than building models in what you're doing. AND you're doing it with LOVE. The end result is the beautiful proof!
  10. Mike... LOVE the back story on the kit and how you're dedicating it to your Mom. Just as special is how you kept it stored in that old Corvair! Godspeed on this one!!!
  11. Nice to see I'm not the only one perusing the sewing section at Walmart - GREAT idea for the thimbles!!!
  12. Man that's neat... a '58 with a t-top. Almost reminiscent of the concept cars of that era. Great job!
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