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  1. One thing I've found about the 1/16 classics is that, being very accurate, the suspensions are quite fragile and could use some kind of reinforcement, maybe metal rods.
  2. I believe the show car color was ice blue. A tiny tinge of blue is there.
  3. In my research for the kit, I noted that the bottom horizontal strip of the door interior uses carpet material. Not important, but any plans for that?
  4. I have lots of reference on this car for this kit. Let me know if there's something you can't find.
  5. Wow. The best hand-painted wood pattern I'ver ever seen.
  6. Just a miscellaneous detail -- here's a wheel cover from an F&W PIII
  7. You are correct that the first interiors I posted were from a 1936 model. Here are some 1937 F&W interiors.
  8. The canvas roof cover isn't really supposed to be roll-back. I've read that cars of the day had that feature because molding a slightly curved metal roof of that size was technologically difficult at the time, so there was a hole in the roof, supported underneath with wood beams, then covered inside with a headliner. As for the wood, wouldn't the original version have a mush glossier shine?
  9. One of my thoughts on the research I've done on classic cars was to use a laser print (not a typical home printer -- they bleed) to scale of the type of wood trim I wanted to use, and there are plenty of examples online, like this.
  10. Brighter minds than mine may be able to discern what's going on here, but this might help.
  11. PM me with your e-mail address or contact me at sjordan47@comcast.net
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