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  1. Actually, I can send you the whole pdf manual if you send me your e-mail address. It's 14 MB, but it got through on a test I made. sjordan47@comcast.net
  2. I have a ton of PII reference, so ask if you need something. These are from my original owner's manual, with a lot more illustrations.
  3. Has anybody built the 1/16 Bandai/Entex XJ-S? The body looks pretty good to me, though the US headlights are a little sloppy.
  4. I asked several years ago and got a photocopy that was cut off at the bottom. Now that I'm getting serious about it, does anyone have a clean set of instructions for this 1/16 kit?
  5. The only reason I found it was to infer that it was electric, based on the background.
  6. Remember what Harry did with the 1/16 Rolls Phantom III? Seems you could do the same with the Packard sedan.
  7. Wow. You really did your homework, and the copper brake drums are often overlooked on models.
  8. Outstanding work. An unusually authentic kit.
  9. I filled out that part with dismantled watch parts from eBay.
  10. https://www.autoweek.com/news/people/a35567136/bruce-meyers-obit/
  11. I have tons of 1:1 reference. Let me know if you have questions.
  12. I never participate in a topic called "What Irked You Today?" but I'm getting a stream of e-mail forwards from this site. Anyone else?
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