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  1. Happy Everyday Everyone :)

  2. I can't wait to see another update.. bring on the red!
  3. Thank you thank you thank you for the link.. I didn't know there was issues with the models from this company, I am so happy that this one was not one that has those problems. I am curious about the wood, you really would use real wood? I guess I figured most would use some decales from another model for what you want.. I am looking forward to more posts on it.. Thank you again
  4. Welcome I don't build (yet) but they still let me hang out.. awesome people here!
  5. Happy Birthday :)

  6. Happy Birthday :)

  7. Oh thank you for posting this. I was MIA for awhile with Christmas then a bad cold. When I came back to the changes the only thing I totally could not figure out was why I could not answer a PM that was sent to me while I was gone... Thank you
  8. very beautiful! Each time I go into this section I am in AWE at what you people do! big smile on my face
  9. Lyn

    Stock 72 Nova

    Hello and welcome lovely ride you have there!
  10. mind is working here and you really have me wondering if it could be done with felt.. 50 model car knives on dad's desk still, 10 colors of felt here... course all I have is elmers glue LOL....... thinking I am going to have to try it
  11. who knows George it ended up in dad's Model Car World somewhere lol. I was probably 9 there from the when the picture could have been taken at my Grandparents house, I have blocked out a lot of my childhood but I can kind of remember building a model there. LOL evidently I did, we have proof hahaha
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