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  1. I've been working on a variation of Revell's 1929 Ford roadster to replicate a friend's 1:1 car. It has a cloth interior with a very short nap, almost on the verge of corduroy. The seats have a mild tuck and roll pattern, while the side panels only have subtle vertical and horizontal lines sewn into the fabric. Flocking is definitely out of the question and I'm afraid embossing powder would obliterate the lines. I feel like paint is the only solution. The color is some sort of tan or sand. How can I paint the interior so that the lines don't disappear? Should I paint the darkest tan first,
  2. I'm with Mr. Metallic as far as suggesting Harbor Freight. You can't tell from the packaging what sizes you are buying and sometimes the rings are the wrong color for the size that is etched on the shank. Other than that you can't go wrong with the price. You can also take a look at https//www.drillcity.stores. The nice thing about either of these brands is the 1/8" diameter shanks. As far as drilling through metal goes, keep a block of bees wax on hand to lubricate the bit. Once I learned this trick I could drill many holes with the same bit without breaking.
  3. Does anyone know why there haven't been any new Volkswagen kits issued of newer Volkswagens?
  4. Replicas & Miniatures Co. has just about any thing you could want from that period. Norm Veber is a great guy to deal with and his castings are very good. His number is 410-768-3648. He sells his catalog for $4.00. If you tell him what you need and place an order over the phone with a credit card just ask for the catalog and he'll throw it in with the order.
  5. I want to see you figure out how to make some small LEDs come on when you flip the visor down. The decals are the easy part!
  6. Does anyone know if ScaleKraft of South Africa is still in business? If so, how do I contact them. Is there anyone in the U.S. that sells his amazing castings? I want to buy J-285 and a few of his photo etched parts. He is the only one who who makes the two correct photo etched spoke patterns for Duesenbergs.
  7. You can find what you're looking for at modelcargarage.com. The item is SKU:2106 and is $9.99. This is designed around Monograms kit. Maybe someone can tell you if they have used it on the AMT kit. It all depends on how much you want this to look realistic. If you can find the Monogram kit on Ebay you'll end up with a nicer model.
  8. Does anyone know if the Revell Suburu WRX 3in1 model kit has an engine?
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