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  1. Been working on this for some time, had to straighten several parts but missed the warp on the chassis. I had to add some blocks to get the body parts sit level and line up properly, but overall I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome. Question, did any of the moebius truck kits have decals for the hood lettering, I'm looking for a fool proof method to chrome the FORD script on the front edge of the hood.
  2. Looking for Jo-Han 1963 Oldsmobile Starfire Convertible Instruction Sheet & Decals
  3. Does anyone know the best way to install the multi piece interior tin on a polar lights Mustang Funny Car. I have built one of the chargers but I'm having some issues on the mustang. I would like to assemble as much of it as possible and install it in one or two pieces.
  4. Looking for a set of tires for the Union (not the Heller Issue) 1/24 scale 917K Porsche.
  5. Mark, you are correct I checked and this kit only has the screws in the front.
  6. Looking for a rear bumper for a AMT 1967 Ford Fairlane GT. Plenty to trade or $
  7. unfortunately there has not been much progress on this project since the last post. I had to pack away all my projects due to having to relocate but this in on the top of my list to complete once I'm settled at the new Location.
  8. These are some older customs I did about 15 years ago. Hot Wheels did a feature article on their web site about my customs. I wonder if they got the idea for the recent gasser cars they have been producing from these.
  9. Need a AMT 1966 Barracuda Hood or if anyone knows of a resin replacement available let me know.
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